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What a DAY!

My day has been busy!  Well by my standards anyway…

Last post I said that someone (my mother actually) was going to help me move the fish tank.  So mom stays here when she is in town on buisness, so this morning started off slow, we watched a move, ate breakfast…

But then about 10am we decided we had to get a move on, so I started emptying water from the tank.  That was HARD WORK!  I took about 6 buckets out, I think each bucket is 4 gallons, that’s what 24 gallons?  Just about half of my 55gal.  I tested it and I was able to move the tank, so then I asked for help.  She didn’t do much, just helped me guide it, but it was nice having another person there.  You know, just in case the worst happened.  It actually went really easily.  It’s on carpet, so I just grabbed the back and front of the stand and pulled.  I only needed an inch or two, so that made it easier.  I pulled one side out to far, so I had to push it back in, but that wasn’t a big deal.  I think it only took maybe 10 minutes.  And that was with me getting the tape measure out and making sure that both sides were at an equal distance from the wall.

Then I had to replace all the water I had taken out, so then that meant another 6 or 7 buckets of water.  Have I mentioned how heavy water is?  Well if you don’t know, it is REALLY heavy.

I then had to run an errand with my mom before she left town, so that took about an hour.

When I got home I installed my new filters.  Right away I found out that one of the filters made a weird noise when I hooked it up, so I had to call Drs. Foster and Smith and they are sending me a replacement.  But the other one is working great.  One thing that I didn’t like is that the intake extention for deep tanks was to long.  Just so you know, my 55gal (and the next size up the 75gal) is 21 inches deep so they should have taken that into account as the standard depth of tanks that would have to use the extender.  I think what I’ll do is once the replacement gets here I’ll just use a little saw (like one for pvc pipe) and just cut a little off both pipes.  They fit inside of the intake basket and the connector, so I wouldn’t even have to get it even or smooth.  Right now I have the one that works in there with the shorter tube, so it will filter, but it won’t pull from the bottom, just the middle of the tank.

So that was my day!  Now I’m just sitting on the couch with my laptop chilling out from all that hard work.

My cat Sebastian, who doesn’t like company, is glad to have me all to himself again.  He is sitting on the back of the couch with his tail draped over my sholder.  He prefers to have some part of himself touching me if at all possible.  Some people might find that smothering, but not me.  I love that he wants to be close to me.

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Yet Another Fish Post

I didn’t move my tank last night.  I have someone coming over to help me tonight or tomorrow.  I think it will be much easier with two people.  Even if the other person just makes sure I’m not tipping the tank as I move it.  I won’t have to empty it completely.  I just need to get it light enough to slide forward that inch or two.

I placed another order for fish stuff.  I know! I can’t stop!  I ordered two more of the MoonGlow lights (like I planned to do), I really like how the one I have looks!  A pack of Chemi-Pure, which is a filter media (that’s placed into the filter) that looks really great.  And then some 6-in-1 Dip Sticks to test water quality (which I’ve been doing alot lately).
I didn’t order a filter for my 10gal because I realized that I could get one at a local store for cheaper, and I wouldn’t have to pay shipping.  😀

I’ll have a really awesome tank once I’m done!  I’m really upgrading alot of stuff from “beginner” quality, to a more “intermediate” quality.  I’m definatly not a beginner when it comes to fish, but I kind of kept a beginner tank setup.  I don’t know why.  But between the new filters and the chemi-pure I should have much better water quality.  Some claim than by using the chemi-pure you don’t have to do any water changes at all!  That would be AWESOME!  And you only have to replace them every 4-6 months!

I also got a new background for both my tanks.  I only installed the 10gal one so far, but I really like it!  I’ll wait till after I move the 55gal, but before I refill, to do that one.  Then I’ll have those couple more inches to maneuver with.  The other person will also be helpful here, so that I don’t have to run back and forth trying to get it level!  OOPS!  I think I just showed how much of a perfectionist I am.  Oh, well.

I’ll let you know when it’s all set up!

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More Fish Stuff

An update to yesterday’s post about the stuff I ordered for my 55gal fish tank:

I was so excited to get everything set up.  But… it didn’t happen like that.  The new filters that I got don’t fit in the space I have behind the tank.  They are like 1″-2″ too big.  That means in order to get them to work I’ll have to empty out most of the tank water, try to slide it forward that inch or two, and then refill it.  That will be A LOT of work.  I might try to tackle that tonight.  I so want to get those filters on so I can see how they work!

The other item I bought was a MoonLight bulb.  After I figured out that the filters wouldn’t work I decided to try the light.  IT IS SO AWESOME!!  I not only have Cole that tank, but also some “glow fish” zebras.  They looked like they were lit up with neon light!  I was also able to see Cole swimming around.  I think I need 2 lights to make it really work though.  I tried putting it above the tank, but then it only really illuminated where it was pointing.  So then I tried putting it hanging down the front of the tank, but then it was like a spotlight on the center of the tank, but nowhere else.  Then I put it on the side of the tank, this is by far the best option.  It shines down the length of the tank and illuminates almost everything.  But because my tank is 4 feet long it was really light on one side, but really dim on the other.  I think I’ll get another for the other side of the tank.  Then the whole thing will be lit up!  I think I’ll also get one for the 10 gallon.  Even if I don’t like it on the 10gal I could keep it as a back up in case one of the other ones die.  And they are on sale after all!

I also want to get a filter for the 10gal.  I should have thought of that when I ordered everything else, but I didn’t.  But now I’ll be able to get my 2 MoonLights as well!

So that’s the update.  Not as great as I thought it was going to be, but if I’m able to move the tank tonight I’ll give an update tomorrow.

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Wow, just wow

So I just posted about how I got a silver egg in a totally cool way right?
Well just a little while ago I saw a paper egg at the entrance and I GOT IT!

OMG!  Two of the rare eggs that I wanted in two days!  I almost sh*t my pants when I got the paper!  Now all I need is a gold, and I’ll have gotten a complete set.  Once the silver and paper have grown up I can breed them and hopefully get one of each gender.  Especially the silver.  That has a different style for the male and female.  And I wouldn’t mind two of the paper, just because they are so pretty!
I’m being really careful with them as I don’t want them to get sick.  I’ll do some posting of the silver tonight, but I’ll wait till tomorrow to post the paper.


This just makes my day!  Hope you are having as good of a day as I am!

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A Great Story!

One of the sites I post my dragons cave eggs on is Greytalk.  It’s a forum for people that like/have greyhounds.  There is a nice group of people that have dragons there and we all help eachothers dragons grow by exchanging clicks.

Well yesterday when I posted my excitement of my 2-headed dragon being female I also stated that I saw a silver egg that morning (I’ve been really trying for a silver), but that once again I missed it.
Here is my post:

My 2 headed hatchling is FEMALE!!!!!! I did an silly little happy dance when I found that out!
I would have been really bummed out if after all this growing time it turned out to be male. Now I have one of each!
I missed another silver this morning.  It’s getting quite frustrating to keep missing them. It’s one thing if I just don’t see them at all, but to keep seeing them, but not getting them, that is hard.

I nice person with the screen name of “Pippin” replied this:

That might be the one I snagged – I got a silver one this a.m. I’m hoping it grows up to be female. But you have no silvers at all – want to coordinate an abandonment?

That’s right, she (I’m assuming Pippin is a woman) was AWESOME enough to be willing to give up her silver TO ME!!!!!!  ME!!
I replied:

That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen about a dozen silvers and have yet to get one. Just let me know!

She then asked if I was on the site now, I replied that I was, and she posted the following:

Let’s do it then.
You go to the cave entrance and start refreshing, and I’ll be there in about 30 seconds to do the abandonment. That worked out well the last time I did it.
Good luck!

I immediately went to the cave and did some MAJOR refreshing.  Then I saw the “you see some abandoned eggs” option and quickly clicked it.  My heart was beating a MILLION miles a minute.  I then waited for the page to load, saw the silver egg and clicked it!  And then I waited.  And waited.  It took foreverfor the page to load.  So long that I thought I had missed it.  I was thinking that she abandoned this egg for me and I missed it!  I was feeling guilty that she would go through all this trouble, and then someone else had taken it!  But finally the page loaded saying YOU HAVE STOLEN AN EGG!

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how long I have wanted a silver! YOU ROCK!

And now introducing my silver dragon: Adopt one today!
I have decided that I’ll call it Pippin, if the name isn’t already taken.  Or maybe Greytalk Pippin, or Pippin Grey.  Something along those lines.  Then I’ll always remember the the person who made it possible.

So that’s my awesome story about how a total stranger did something totally unrequired, and gave me a beautiful gift.

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The Wonders of Fish Keeping…

Over the holiday weekend I did some rearranging in my 55gal fish tank.  I moved some things around, added some decorations and plants, and just did some general putzing.  The main reason I did this though was I wanted to give Cole a better hiding place.  His cave is a piece of slate leaned up against the glass of the tank (forming a triangle, like the shape of a pup tent), but he was kind of out growing the piece of slate I had for him.  So I decided to get him a new, bigger, piece of slate.  His old one was was maybe 4″ x 6″ (made a cave of 3h,3d,6w), but this new one is 10″ x 8″ (cave space 8h,5d,8w).  I thought that this would give him a bigger place to hide, and allow him to have room to grow.
That sounds like pretty good logic, right?  Well not to him it isn’t.  He doesn’t like it.  He will hide any place other then there.
I’m thinking that maybe if I move the base of the slate out a little more then the height of the cave won’t be as much.  Maybe that’s his problem.  I really don’t want to have to bring his old piece of slate back.  It was really to small for him.  He had to squish himself to fit in it.  Maybe if I take several smaller pieces of slate and lay them with the longest side vertically like this:  ||  rather than horizontally like this:  =  maybe then I can create a slightly bigger cave without being huge like this new piece of slate.

Ah!  The joys of keeping fish!  It makes you have lots of problems you never would have thought of before.  If they weren’t so damn adorable I’d think it wasn’t worth it.  But they are, and it is.

I’m so excited to get the new stuff for the tank (see last post).  Which should be coming today!  So tonight I’ll be installing all of that.

I just realized how much time I’ve put in with my tanks this week.  Over the weekend I moved my 10gal from my bedroom to the living room, and rearranged the 55gal.  Now tonight I’ll install all the new stuff, which is: filters, moon-light, and timer to control it all.
Wow.  That’s a lot of change in under a week!

I’ll probably post tomorrow with how the new stuff works.  Stay tuned!

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It’s a GIRL!!!!!

It’s ridiculous how excited I am about  this.  Dragon Cave just released a female version of the two headed dragon.  Once I found that out I immediately went out and got another split egg.  Well I just found out this morning that it’s FEMALE!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited!  I was so concerned that it was going to be another boy, and then I would have to abandon it.  But fear no more!  I’ll have to come up with a really good name for her (them?).  The male’s name is Leon Noel (the reversed spelling of each other), and I want to stick with something along those lines for the female as well.  I’ll update my Dragon Cave Page when I’ve made my choice, so check there if you want so see what I’ve decided.

On a different note-
I’ve made a decision.  I’ve decided to try to breed Cole (who is my Black Ghost Knife fish if you haven’t read my previous posts about him).  This will involve getting a female (duh!) and growing her to the “adult” size, which is about 7 inches (they are normally 3-4 inches when you get them).  The hard thing is that like no one knows how to sex them (I only do because I’ve done LOADS of research on them), so I can’t just ask for a female like you would for a guppy or a molly.  I’m going to try to see if my lfs (local fish store) will be willing to order one.  They quite often have one in stock, so if it isn’t female they will just sell it like normal.  I’ll have to ask when I go in for bloodworms for Cole this week.
I’ve ordered some stuff in preparation for making this happen.  BGK’s aren’t the easiest to breed (see here if you want to know about it), so I needed to get some things to help the process along.  I ordered two new 250 Emperor Filters which is a little much for my 55gal tank, but the BGK’s need fast flowing water (to imitate the rainy season) to breed, so this will help with that.  I also planed to get two filters anyway because I like the idea of having one on each side of the tank, instead of a big one only on one side.
I also got a Moon Light, which brightens the tank without “light” so nocturnal fish like Cole think it is “night” but it’s bright enough that you can see them.  It’s a similar idea to the red light that photographers use in dark rooms, it lights up the space, but it doesn’t put off “light giving” rays.  With this light I’ll be able to enjoy Cole more.  I hope.  🙂
One more thing that I’ll need to get is some pebbles to put on the bottom of the tank.  This is so the eggs (and babies) have a place to hide, so they don’t get eaten by the adults (or any other fish in the tank).  I’m not sure what kind of pebbles/marbles I want, which is why I haven’t gotten any yet.  I could get some river rock kind of stones, which would keep it looking natural, or I could go more the glass marble route, which will make it easier to see the eggs, but I think it will look some what weird.  Maybe clear marbles would look ok.  I’ll look around and see if anything strikes my fancy.  Part of me says that I want babies more than I want something “aesthetically pleasing”, but the other part of me wants to keep my tank pretty.  And yet another part of me is saying that I don’t even have a female yet, much less get her to adult size, so I have lots of time to think about it and I shouldn’t worry about it now.

So that’s my big project.  I’ll keep you informed!  😀

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