Dragon Cave and Other Stuff

12 May

Over the weekend two more of my Dragon Cave eggs hatched!  The orange one is also starting to crack.  I spent a lot of time on Gaia Online this weekend (it’s blocked at work), and now I’m sure that I’ll use that to help hatch all my eggs.  My grey hatchling got his wings over the weekend, and with that I found out it’s a boy!  I’ll have to do some searching to find out what I want to name him.

I’ve haven’t talked about him before, but I have this really unique fish called a Black Ghost Knife that I’ve named Cole.  I’ve had him for about a year and a half and for all of that time he’s been stuck in this little 10gal tank because my large tank (55gal) had fish that kept dieing from an unknown disease.  Now that has FINALLY gotten cleared up I was able to move him over yesterday.  He’s grown from 3-4 inches when I first got him to about 7 or so inches now.  He seems to be adjusting just fine to the new tank.  Because he’s nocturnal I kept the tank lights off last night.  I usually have them on from 4pm to midnight, so the rest of my fish were a little confused by the darkness, but it gave him time to search everything out.
If you want to see some pics of Black Ghost Knife fish here are some examples:  pic 1pic 2pic 3pic 4.  As you can see they are thin “knife” shaped, or as one of my friends said, they look like a feather from a large bird.  They have a fin that travels from right under their gils all the way to their tail, and it is their main form of propulsion.  Cole eats frozen bloodworms, and is very perticular about what brand.  He only likes San Fransisco Bay Brand.  Every other brand he just noses around looking for the “good stuff”.  While other owners have said that their BGK likes brine shrimp and flake food, Cole never touches them and will only eat “his favorite”.

That’s all for now….


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