Well Phooey

13 May

Dragon Cave is offline for a while.  Apparently they’ve used most of their monthly allotted bandwidth on the new server, and it’s only been 2 weeks.  So now they are looking at getting another new server with more bandwidth and more ram.
Here’s what the site says:
Sorry, but it seems as though this server is inadequate. In less than half of the month the site has used 80% of it’s allocated bandwidth, and it’s been a constant struggle trying to manage to keep the site running without hitting the RAM limit. So, I’m working on moving the site to a server with over 2x the RAM and 6x the bandwidth. Hopefully it won’t take long, and I’ll see what I can do about preventing your dragons from dying.
Apparently they are going to freeze our dragons until they get the problem fixed, however long that is.  Now that I don’t have that to work with, I need to find a new hobby on the internet.
***warms up fingers to go searching***

On a different note: I’m not sure if Cole is handling the new tank well, he’s been spending a lot of time laying down on his side.  I know he’s been eating the zebra fish that I had in the tank.  This is the first time I’ve had him with other fish, so I wasn’t sure if he would eat them, but several fish are missing…  😉  I’m not sure if he’s being lethargic because he’s eaten so much, or if he’s not handling the new tank well.  I think I’ll do a water change tonight, just to be sure.  I hate to put him through another change, but it seems like my best option at this point.  I knew before I moved him that the water in both tanks had high nitrates, but they were both equal amounts of nitrates.  I didn’t want to adjust the level and risk unbalancing it and causing him additional stress.  I guess I’ll see how he is when I get home from work.
I also need to move his old tank from the bedroom into the living room.  It will become my quarantine tank.  I’ll use it to keep new or sick fish, so that they don’t contaminate the 55gal.  Most people that have sensitive fish like Cole have one, so I thought this was a good time.  I want to put a betta in there to keep the good bacteria cycling.  That way if I need to put in sick fish I can just take him out and throw him in a jar.  Gotta love that bettas are able to live in small spaces!

Well I’m off to find something else to do while Dragon Cave is down……


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