Elemental by Nature Updates

14 May

I know I’ve been talking like non stop about dragon cave lately.  But once I find a new passion I tend to be totally consumed by it.  But now I think now it’s been downgraded from total obsession to a passion.  I haven’t lost interest, but it’s not all consuming anymore.

Ok, I made some updates to EbN (you’ll find I like to abbreviate everything 🙂 ).  I’ve updated my DVD List page.  It’s in no way complete, because I have like 170 dvd’s.  I’m up to the E’s.  It will take me a while!  Then again, it only took me like 15 minutes to do what I have, so maybe I just have to press through and then I’ll have it done.
You might be wondering why I am listing all my dvd’s (or my cd’s and books) on this site.  Two reasons:  1- I think what movies (cd’s / books) a person has says a lot about them.  2- I also wanted a complete list that I can access from anywhere, and also as a back up if I ever loose my personal file (the dreaded computer crash!!!), so I won’t have to start all over.

On a totally different topic, I think I was over reacting about Cole.  I think he’s fine.  It seems like he only lays on his side when there is a lot of light in the tank.  Which being that he is nocturnal, is quite normal.
I just realized something I take for granted, but people who don’t know about Black Ghost Knives wouldn’t know, so I should probably explain.  BGK’s (or Cole at least) tend to lay on their sides when they sleep.  In fact they lay in almost every position possible.  I’ve seen him upside down, on his side and I’ve also seen him sound asleep just hovering in mid air (mid water?).  This especially applies to the current situation because Cole’s “house” is a piece of slate laid against the glass of the tank.  Think of it like a pup tent, with one of the sides being the aquarium glass and the other the piece of slate.  The nature of that shape (and the shape of the slate) allows for some light to come in at the top, so laying down right up against the slate would be the darkest spot.  And dark places makes Cole a very happy boy!
I still think a water change would be a good idea.  I think I’ll try to tackle that this weekend.  When you have a  55gal tank a 20% water change invloves a lot of water and becomes a BIG deal. 

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