Water Only – Day #1

15 May

I’ve been reading about this for several weeks and I’ve finally decided to try it.  Several forums I visit (Pagan Forum and Long Hair Community) both have topics on washing your hair without shampoo.  There are many, many ways in which to do this, I’ve narrowed it down into several ways:   (using conditioner is optional on all of these)
1 – Baking Soda / Apple Cider Vinegar (abbreviated BS/ACV).  Instead of shampoo (with all of it’s harsh chemicals) use BS followed by an ACV rinse.  This is still technically washing, just without actual shampoo.
2 – No shampoo, but you still use other products.
3 – Use a rinse.  Like ACV, or an herb mix.
4 – Hard Core.  You use no shampoo, no baking soda, no rinses, nothing.  Just plain water as often as needed.

The idea is to get away from the harsh chemicals in shampoo, live more environmentally friendly, and get better hair in the process.  When you use shampoo it creates a need to use more shampoo.  By that I mean this: Your scalp makes oils to coat your hair that get stripped away when you ‘poo.  After it gets stripped your scalp goes into overload producing more oil to overcome the “shortage”.  By not stripping the natural oils you stop the overload process, and your scalp returns to the normal (lower) amount of oil production.  The overload is then no longer at your roots (the greasy look), but a healthy amount then travels down the length of your hair making it soft, shiny and healthy.  And you save money at the same time!

I tried the BS/ACV thing, but that dried my hair out WAY to much.  So now I’m trying just water.  Apparently there is a transition period of six to eight weeks where your hair is kind of funky and greasy (it’s still in the overload phase), but if you can live through that then most have wonderful hair.  Not all people have hair (or water, or schedules) that can work with this.  It seems it either works great or terrible, but not much in between.
I’m worried that my bangs are going to get to greasy.  That’s always the first place that gets greasy, and last place I want it.  Although, this just occurred to me, if all you are doing is water then I could wash out my bangs by themselves (like with a washcloth or something) without doing my whole head.  That sounds like a really good idea.  It sounds totally workable.

The PF and LHC topics are here and here (respectively) if anyone wants to check them out.
I’m Willow Moon at PF and NorthernDancer at LHC if anyone is curious.

I plan to try for eight weeks (longer if it works).  At that point most people have balanced out, so it will be a true test of if it works for me or not.  I think I’ll use conditioner on the ends of my hair for the beginning part, and I might use after shower products, I’m not sure.  I work alone at the office and I stay home outside of that, so if I have to put up with icky hair for a couple weeks not many people would notice.

So this offically is day one of my Water Only test.
I’ll do updates at least once a week to record how it’s going.

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