Dragon Cave Ramblings

20 May

I’ve been spending a lot of time stalking the Dragon Cave.  I’m looking to get one dragon of each breed available.  I have most of them, but I’m still missing some really rare ones.

    What I have:
Grey – Sky
Blue – Water
Dark Green – Plant
Orange – Magi
Black – Warrior
White – Healer
Green – Earth
Twin – Two Headed
Red – Fire
Pink – Female/breeder
Stone – Gargoyle
Purple – Female/breeder
Mint – Small

    What I still need:
Dino  (I don’t plan to do these, this is DRAGON cave after all)
Chicken  (don’t want these, see above reason)

Now that I’ve gotten one of each of the common ones, I think I’ll try for one of each gender.  Several don’t come in other genders.  Pink and Purple are only female.  I think Reds are only male.  The Two Headed used to be only male, but now it’s both (at least according to TJ’s scroll).  TJ (the owner) only has males on his scroll, except for ones that are only female (duh!).  Most of mine are male, only my Blue/Water (Mira) is female right now, so I REALLY need more females.  I’d like to give breeding a try, but I don’t want to end up with a slew of dragons I don’t want.  I guess that’s what abandoning is for though.  Until I get more female adults I can’t really do any breeding though.  You have to wait a week after the last breeding (which doesn’t always result in an egg) to breed again.  I think Mira can try again on thursday.
I REALLY want to get a Paper and Silver.  The Gold is ok, but the Paper and Silver are beautiful!  I think I only want to get a Gold just to say I have one 😛 .

I’ve been spending WAY to much time just looking at my dragons, so they seem to grow SO slowly.  I looked though and most of mine have gone from egg to adult in a little over a week (8-10 days).  So that is relatively fast, but it’s so hard to be patient!  I only found this site 3 weeks ago, and that’s not all that long to have all of the common dragons already.

Well, that’s whats up with my dragons lately.  Better go so I can stare at them some more!

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