It’s a GIRL!!!!!

27 May

It’s ridiculous how excited I am about  this.  Dragon Cave just released a female version of the two headed dragon.  Once I found that out I immediately went out and got another split egg.  Well I just found out this morning that it’s FEMALE!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited!  I was so concerned that it was going to be another boy, and then I would have to abandon it.  But fear no more!  I’ll have to come up with a really good name for her (them?).  The male’s name is Leon Noel (the reversed spelling of each other), and I want to stick with something along those lines for the female as well.  I’ll update my Dragon Cave Page when I’ve made my choice, so check there if you want so see what I’ve decided.

On a different note-
I’ve made a decision.  I’ve decided to try to breed Cole (who is my Black Ghost Knife fish if you haven’t read my previous posts about him).  This will involve getting a female (duh!) and growing her to the “adult” size, which is about 7 inches (they are normally 3-4 inches when you get them).  The hard thing is that like no one knows how to sex them (I only do because I’ve done LOADS of research on them), so I can’t just ask for a female like you would for a guppy or a molly.  I’m going to try to see if my lfs (local fish store) will be willing to order one.  They quite often have one in stock, so if it isn’t female they will just sell it like normal.  I’ll have to ask when I go in for bloodworms for Cole this week.
I’ve ordered some stuff in preparation for making this happen.  BGK’s aren’t the easiest to breed (see here if you want to know about it), so I needed to get some things to help the process along.  I ordered two new 250 Emperor Filters which is a little much for my 55gal tank, but the BGK’s need fast flowing water (to imitate the rainy season) to breed, so this will help with that.  I also planed to get two filters anyway because I like the idea of having one on each side of the tank, instead of a big one only on one side.
I also got a Moon Light, which brightens the tank without “light” so nocturnal fish like Cole think it is “night” but it’s bright enough that you can see them.  It’s a similar idea to the red light that photographers use in dark rooms, it lights up the space, but it doesn’t put off “light giving” rays.  With this light I’ll be able to enjoy Cole more.  I hope.  🙂
One more thing that I’ll need to get is some pebbles to put on the bottom of the tank.  This is so the eggs (and babies) have a place to hide, so they don’t get eaten by the adults (or any other fish in the tank).  I’m not sure what kind of pebbles/marbles I want, which is why I haven’t gotten any yet.  I could get some river rock kind of stones, which would keep it looking natural, or I could go more the glass marble route, which will make it easier to see the eggs, but I think it will look some what weird.  Maybe clear marbles would look ok.  I’ll look around and see if anything strikes my fancy.  Part of me says that I want babies more than I want something “aesthetically pleasing”, but the other part of me wants to keep my tank pretty.  And yet another part of me is saying that I don’t even have a female yet, much less get her to adult size, so I have lots of time to think about it and I shouldn’t worry about it now.

So that’s my big project.  I’ll keep you informed!  😀

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