A Great Story!

28 May

One of the sites I post my dragons cave eggs on is Greytalk.  It’s a forum for people that like/have greyhounds.  There is a nice group of people that have dragons there and we all help eachothers dragons grow by exchanging clicks.

Well yesterday when I posted my excitement of my 2-headed dragon being female I also stated that I saw a silver egg that morning (I’ve been really trying for a silver), but that once again I missed it.
Here is my post:

My 2 headed hatchling is FEMALE!!!!!! I did an silly little happy dance when I found that out!
I would have been really bummed out if after all this growing time it turned out to be male. Now I have one of each!
I missed another silver this morning.  It’s getting quite frustrating to keep missing them. It’s one thing if I just don’t see them at all, but to keep seeing them, but not getting them, that is hard.

I nice person with the screen name of “Pippin” replied this:

That might be the one I snagged – I got a silver one this a.m. I’m hoping it grows up to be female. But you have no silvers at all – want to coordinate an abandonment?

That’s right, she (I’m assuming Pippin is a woman) was AWESOME enough to be willing to give up her silver TO ME!!!!!!  ME!!
I replied:

That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen about a dozen silvers and have yet to get one. Just let me know!

She then asked if I was on the site now, I replied that I was, and she posted the following:

Let’s do it then.
You go to the cave entrance and start refreshing, and I’ll be there in about 30 seconds to do the abandonment. That worked out well the last time I did it.
Good luck!

I immediately went to the cave and did some MAJOR refreshing.  Then I saw the “you see some abandoned eggs” option and quickly clicked it.  My heart was beating a MILLION miles a minute.  I then waited for the page to load, saw the silver egg and clicked it!  And then I waited.  And waited.  It took foreverfor the page to load.  So long that I thought I had missed it.  I was thinking that she abandoned this egg for me and I missed it!  I was feeling guilty that she would go through all this trouble, and then someone else had taken it!  But finally the page loaded saying YOU HAVE STOLEN AN EGG!

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how long I have wanted a silver! YOU ROCK!

And now introducing my silver dragon: Adopt one today!
I have decided that I’ll call it Pippin, if the name isn’t already taken.  Or maybe Greytalk Pippin, or Pippin Grey.  Something along those lines.  Then I’ll always remember the the person who made it possible.

So that’s my awesome story about how a total stranger did something totally unrequired, and gave me a beautiful gift.

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