The Wonders of Fish Keeping…

28 May

Over the holiday weekend I did some rearranging in my 55gal fish tank.  I moved some things around, added some decorations and plants, and just did some general putzing.  The main reason I did this though was I wanted to give Cole a better hiding place.  His cave is a piece of slate leaned up against the glass of the tank (forming a triangle, like the shape of a pup tent), but he was kind of out growing the piece of slate I had for him.  So I decided to get him a new, bigger, piece of slate.  His old one was was maybe 4″ x 6″ (made a cave of 3h,3d,6w), but this new one is 10″ x 8″ (cave space 8h,5d,8w).  I thought that this would give him a bigger place to hide, and allow him to have room to grow.
That sounds like pretty good logic, right?  Well not to him it isn’t.  He doesn’t like it.  He will hide any place other then there.
I’m thinking that maybe if I move the base of the slate out a little more then the height of the cave won’t be as much.  Maybe that’s his problem.  I really don’t want to have to bring his old piece of slate back.  It was really to small for him.  He had to squish himself to fit in it.  Maybe if I take several smaller pieces of slate and lay them with the longest side vertically like this:  ||  rather than horizontally like this:  =  maybe then I can create a slightly bigger cave without being huge like this new piece of slate.

Ah!  The joys of keeping fish!  It makes you have lots of problems you never would have thought of before.  If they weren’t so damn adorable I’d think it wasn’t worth it.  But they are, and it is.

I’m so excited to get the new stuff for the tank (see last post).  Which should be coming today!  So tonight I’ll be installing all of that.

I just realized how much time I’ve put in with my tanks this week.  Over the weekend I moved my 10gal from my bedroom to the living room, and rearranged the 55gal.  Now tonight I’ll install all the new stuff, which is: filters, moon-light, and timer to control it all.
Wow.  That’s a lot of change in under a week!

I’ll probably post tomorrow with how the new stuff works.  Stay tuned!

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