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29 May

An update to yesterday’s post about the stuff I ordered for my 55gal fish tank:

I was so excited to get everything set up.  But… it didn’t happen like that.  The new filters that I got don’t fit in the space I have behind the tank.  They are like 1″-2″ too big.  That means in order to get them to work I’ll have to empty out most of the tank water, try to slide it forward that inch or two, and then refill it.  That will be A LOT of work.  I might try to tackle that tonight.  I so want to get those filters on so I can see how they work!

The other item I bought was a MoonLight bulb.  After I figured out that the filters wouldn’t work I decided to try the light.  IT IS SO AWESOME!!  I not only have Cole that tank, but also some “glow fish” zebras.  They looked like they were lit up with neon light!  I was also able to see Cole swimming around.  I think I need 2 lights to make it really work though.  I tried putting it above the tank, but then it only really illuminated where it was pointing.  So then I tried putting it hanging down the front of the tank, but then it was like a spotlight on the center of the tank, but nowhere else.  Then I put it on the side of the tank, this is by far the best option.  It shines down the length of the tank and illuminates almost everything.  But because my tank is 4 feet long it was really light on one side, but really dim on the other.  I think I’ll get another for the other side of the tank.  Then the whole thing will be lit up!  I think I’ll also get one for the 10 gallon.  Even if I don’t like it on the 10gal I could keep it as a back up in case one of the other ones die.  And they are on sale after all!

I also want to get a filter for the 10gal.  I should have thought of that when I ordered everything else, but I didn’t.  But now I’ll be able to get my 2 MoonLights as well!

So that’s the update.  Not as great as I thought it was going to be, but if I’m able to move the tank tonight I’ll give an update tomorrow.

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