What a DAY!

31 May

My day has been busy!  Well by my standards anyway…

Last post I said that someone (my mother actually) was going to help me move the fish tank.  So mom stays here when she is in town on buisness, so this morning started off slow, we watched a move, ate breakfast…

But then about 10am we decided we had to get a move on, so I started emptying water from the tank.  That was HARD WORK!  I took about 6 buckets out, I think each bucket is 4 gallons, that’s what 24 gallons?  Just about half of my 55gal.  I tested it and I was able to move the tank, so then I asked for help.  She didn’t do much, just helped me guide it, but it was nice having another person there.  You know, just in case the worst happened.  It actually went really easily.  It’s on carpet, so I just grabbed the back and front of the stand and pulled.  I only needed an inch or two, so that made it easier.  I pulled one side out to far, so I had to push it back in, but that wasn’t a big deal.  I think it only took maybe 10 minutes.  And that was with me getting the tape measure out and making sure that both sides were at an equal distance from the wall.

Then I had to replace all the water I had taken out, so then that meant another 6 or 7 buckets of water.  Have I mentioned how heavy water is?  Well if you don’t know, it is REALLY heavy.

I then had to run an errand with my mom before she left town, so that took about an hour.

When I got home I installed my new filters.  Right away I found out that one of the filters made a weird noise when I hooked it up, so I had to call Drs. Foster and Smith and they are sending me a replacement.  But the other one is working great.  One thing that I didn’t like is that the intake extention for deep tanks was to long.  Just so you know, my 55gal (and the next size up the 75gal) is 21 inches deep so they should have taken that into account as the standard depth of tanks that would have to use the extender.  I think what I’ll do is once the replacement gets here I’ll just use a little saw (like one for pvc pipe) and just cut a little off both pipes.  They fit inside of the intake basket and the connector, so I wouldn’t even have to get it even or smooth.  Right now I have the one that works in there with the shorter tube, so it will filter, but it won’t pull from the bottom, just the middle of the tank.

So that was my day!  Now I’m just sitting on the couch with my laptop chilling out from all that hard work.

My cat Sebastian, who doesn’t like company, is glad to have me all to himself again.  He is sitting on the back of the couch with his tail draped over my sholder.  He prefers to have some part of himself touching me if at all possible.  Some people might find that smothering, but not me.  I love that he wants to be close to me.

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