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grandpa update

My grandpa still isn’t better.  He’s up and down.  The doctors said that with the type of infection he has he will probably get worse before he gets better.  I’m planning on going down there after work on thursday, so then I can spend all day friday with him.

They (the doctors and nurses) have made several mistakes while he’s been there.  One of which was yesterday.  He had what they are calling a “heart rythm event”, not a heart attack (even though that’s what they thought it was at first) but an “event”, whatever that means.  When it first happened, and they thought it was a heart attack, they gave him morphine, even though he’s allergic.  He’s not the “reaction” kind of allergic, he just gets really bad hallucinations.  But even so, they gave it to him without looking at his chart.  Wouldn’t you think the nurses would know what their patients are allergic to?  Morphine is a uncommon thing to be allergic to, but if I was a nurse I would always make a point to remember that with every patient.  He’s in the ICU, and his nurse is only taking care of two patients (him and one other), so it’s not like she had 20 patients to take care of and just forgot or got confused.  I would think she should be able to remember the allergies of two patients.
So because of the halucinations they needed to keep him sedated.  Which I’m sure my grandpa won’t be happy about when he wakes up.

The doctors are having a hard time with my grandma.  When my grandpa goes home (thinking positive here) his lungs will be really raw, so they told my grandma that she needs to quit smoking.  Not just for a little while, but quit smoking forever.  She’s been told this before, and she always refuses.  She says that they “help her with her nerves” and that’s the reason she won’t quit.  Not that she’s addicted and doesn’t want to.  No, that couldn’t be the reason.
She will make little changes, like the last time the doctors told her to quit she just started smoking outside.  But then winter came, and it was to cold, so then she started smoking in the bathroom.  Well that doesn’t help grandpa much.  The smoke will still be in the air and on her clothes, and he’ll get a big dose of it when he goes into the bathroom.  It’s the only bathroom in the house, so it’s not like he could just use another one.  It’s even possible that the reason he got pneumonia is because his lungs were compromised by the smoking in the first place.
Another change she made was to add these little plastic filters on the ends of the cigarettes that are supposed to make them “healthier” by removing some toxin or something.  But they don’t change the output, just what she herself inhales.  The second hand smoke is still the same.  But she thinks that because she uses those, that it makes smoking totally safe.
The doctors (and my uncle) have even gone so far as to say that they won’t let him go home unless she quits.  They are being really serious about it.  But even with that she had the nerve (and with the doctor standing right there mind you) to announce that she was going to go outside for a smoke.  She’s been feeling weak lately (I’m not sure if it’s because she’s stressed, or because she wants attention), so she’s been using a wheel chair when she’s in the hospital.  She asked who was going to wheel her out, because she “needed” a smoke.  They all refused, so she got up from the wheel chair and walked out all by herself.  Which leads me to believe that using the wheel chair is just to get attention and make everyone else feel sorry for her.  That’s just the type of thing my grandma would do.

Sorry for the ramblings.  I think I’m feeling really frustrated because I’m two hours away and there’s not much I can do.  I mean there’s not much anyone can do, but at least the other family can feel like they are doing something because they are there.
I was a little pissed at my mom yesterday.  She’s the only link I have to know what’s going on.  So she calls me yesterday morning and says that he’s had a heart attack (which is what they thought it was at the time).  She gave the impression that this was it, he was dying.  And then she didn’t call me back for 2 1/2 hours!  I was a nervous wreck!  I was thinking that the reason she hadn’t called me back was because he died and she wanted to get herself together before calling me.  I was so relieved when she finally did call and told me that it wasn’t that bad, that I didn’t yell at her.

That’s all for now.  I think I’ve said enough.
I thought about editing this to take out the angry/frustrated parts, but it’s how I’m feeling, so I’ll leave it the way it is.

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Water Only – Week 7

I put Olive Oil on my dry ends, put it up in a bun, and left it on for about 24 hours before taking my shower.

Routine:   Got my hair wet, put my ACV/herb mix on and moved it around for a few minutes, then rinsed it out.  I spent several minutes under the water trying to get my hair clean, but it wasn’t working, so I put more of the ACV/herb mix on, left it on for a few minutes then rinsed it out.  But my hair still was really greasy, so I put conditioner on the length and rinsed it out.

Results:   The roots of my hair are fine, maybe a little dried out, but fine.  The length however is a sticky/oily kind of greasy.  I was not able to wear my hair down today because of it.

Next:  I think I might need to play around with the herb rinse a little.  Even though my length is greasy from the olive oil, my roots are a little on the dry side.  I think I might need to remove the rosemary.  It helps to remove grease, and I think it’s not needed anymore, and it’s drying my hair out.  I think the trick to keeping the ends of my hair from drying out is when I leave the herb rinse on for a while to clip my hair up.  I found out yesterday that when I put the rinse on my ends ended up holding quite a bit of it before it dripped off.  I think all that time “sitting” in the ACV/herb mix was drying it out to much, so clipping it up might help that.

Comments:   I have to remember to NEVER do olive oil again.  Or at least not leave it in.  Being that my scalp is fine, but my length (where I put the olive oil) is greasy, I think the olive oil is the culprit.  Even with the conditioner, it still didn’t get it out.  I think I’ll need to do a baking soda wash on the length to get the stickyness out.  I might even do that tonight.  I don’t know that I could live with this until my next shower on wednesday night.

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sometimes you just don’t know if they will be there tomorrow….

The reason I haven’t been posting much is because my grandpa is in the hospital.  I just haven’t felt motivated to talk about much of anything.

In my post last week (on 6-18 ) I said that he was in a hospital out of state with pneumonia, and that he was released from that hospital and was coming home.  Well he got home but was only home for a day or two before he was back in the hospital.  His pneumonia had gotten worse, and he was having trouble breathing because he had fluid in his lungs.  Since then he has been up and down.  One day he’s pretty good and joking around, then the next he’s almost at death’s door.
Yesterday was really scary.  They gave him a medication that caused him to hallucinate and get alot worse.  It was really touch and go for a while.  But after they found out what was causing it, they stopped those meds and he slowly started to get better.  But it took a while for him to show real improvement.  By the time my mom left the hospital at 10pm he was back to his normal self.

He’s the first person that I’m really close to that is in the hospital.  I’ve had other people I know go in the hospital, but most of them were friends of my mom, or relatives I don’t know all that well.  But now it’s someone I really care about.

I feel so helpless.  I’m 2 hours away, so I can’t just pop in there to see how he’s doing.  My boss has been really understanding, and told me if I needed to go that I should just go.  But even knowing that, I would still feel guilty about missing work.  And what would I do if I was there?  Just sit there and, what?  My being there won’t help him get better.  I want to be there for him, but I also don’t want him to feel overwhelmed with people.

I don’t like hospitals.  I have the ability to feel other people’s emotions, so I can feel all the pain and sadness inside those walls.  I’m pretty good at blocking everyday stuff, but in a hospital it is just so overwhelming.  So I try to avoid hospitals and nursing homes.  My mom just thinks that I just don’t like them, which who does really, but it is so much more then that.  I sometimes get physically sick from all the emotion there.  It’s just to much.

Maybe I’ll go down and visit him this weekend.  Then I won’t miss any work, and I can spend some time with him.  I don’t want to miss out if this really is the end of his life, but I also don’t want to give him the impression that I’m there so he must be at death’s door.

So that’s what’s up.  I don’t know how much I’ll be posting.  I might be posting alot about nonsense stuff to take my mind off of it, or I might not post at all.  So please be patient.

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Water Only – Week 6 – part 2

I reduced the ACV in my rinse mix to a splash (down from 1/3 of the mix).  And I added more Chamomile then last time.

Routine:   Got my hair wet and poured on some ACV/herb mix.  I only left it on for a minute or so, then I rinsed it out.  I stood under the water and massaged around, but my hair still felt greasy, so I did another small ACV/herb application, and quickly rinsed it out.  I did this all very quickly.  I was in and out of the shower in 10 minutes, and that included my other shower stuff.

Results:   The bulk of my hair is still a little greasy, but my ends are dry.  My hair is lighter because I used more Chamomile in the mix.  I have my hair in a half-up today, all down it looked too greasy.

Next:   I need to spend more time then I did last night massaging under the water.  I was on a tight schedule, so I had to do it quickly, but I didn’t get all the grease out.  I really need to find something that keeps my ends from getting dry.  I think I’ll try putting olive oil on the ends before I get in the shower next time.  Another option is honey, but I don’t have that in the house, so I’ll try olive oil first.

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Water Only – Week 6

Routine:   Massaged under the shower head, applied my ACV/herb mix and massaged that around for a few minutes, then rinsed that out.  I didn’t use any conditioner.  My hair felt pretty good under the water without it.

Results:   The ends of my hair are a little dry.  The bulk of my hair feels fine, just the ends are dry.  It feels a little greasy, but it doesn’t look greasy.  I’m able to wear it down today.

Next:   I’m thinking I might need to do one of three things: cut back on the time I leave the ACV/herb mix on my hair, cut back on the amount of mix I use, or cut back on the ACV in the mix.  I’m thinking that is drying my hair out to much.  I might also think about putting olive oil on my hair.  Maybe I’ll apply it right before I get in the shower, just on the ends.  That way the ACV won’t get a chance to dry out the ends because they are already coated.  Then I’ll be able to just rinse it out.

Comments:   I’m thinking I’m just about over the super greasy stage.  I’ve read that some people have a big problem in the 6th week, so I might be eating my words later.  😛   I’m still a little greasy, but I always have been.  If I eventually balance out to a non-greasy state that would be awesome though!  That would be funny if the only reason I was greasy was because I was using to much product, and I was using product to get rid of the grease….
My hair also seems to be growing pretty fast.  I don’t measure, but I was about an inch above BSL (bra strap length) after my trim at the beginning of WO, and now I’m an inch or two beyond.  That’s pretty amazing for six weeks.  Maybe using shampoo was slowing my growth?  I’m also using Kelp, which isn’t strictly for hair growth, but it helps get the thyroid working properly, which some say that a thyroid that isn’t working properly slows hair growth.  Who knows, but no matter the reason I like it!  If I keep growing like this I might be at waist by the end of the year.  Maybe even sooner!  That would be COOL.  But I won’t stress over it.  I’ll get there when I get there.

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soup update

So I made my soup over the weekend.  It turned out pretty well.  It’s still missing something, but I’m not sure what.  I might need to add a small amount of sugar.  Only like a 1/4 tsp for the whole 12 cup pot.  Maybe.  I don’t know exactly what it needs, but next time I make it I’ll play around a bit.  I was pretty lucky that the soup I made in march pretty much came together perfectly.  This one will take a little work to get it just right.  It’s good the way it is, but I know it’s missing something….

I was going to post the recipe today, but I forgot it at home.  I’ll try to remember it for tomorrow.

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EbN updates

Being that I’ve been thinking about food and recipes today, I thought I would create a new Recipes page.  I will only list recipes that I have tried and like.  I’ve started with a great Slow Cooker Lasagna recipe.  It is easy to make, and is oh so good!  😀
As I try out new recipes I’ll post them.  Soon I’ll post the Vegtable Soup I made in march.  And the new soup I make this weekend if it turns out well.

On a different note –
When I first started the site I turned off the comments option on all the pages, but now I’ve opened them up.  So feel free to pop over to any of my pages and let me know what you think.

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