More EbN Updates

05 Jun

I’ve done some more updates on EbN.  I’ve created the TV Shows page.  It has all (or mostly all) the tv shows I watch, as well as the canceled shows that I still love.  The list isn’t complete as of yet, but it’s got most of them.

Be warned!  It’s a long list.  When the tv season is in full swing I sometimes have two or three shows that I watch each hour.  How do I do this?  That’s the miracle of DVRs and VCRs!  I watch one show, record a second on my DVR, and yet a third (if need be) on my VCR.  It is really rare that I only have one show that I need to watch on any prime time hour.  The real trick it finding time to watch all of them.  But I really don’t have a life, so that’s normally not a problem.  😛

I also watch just about as many tv shows during the summer as I do the normal season.  The summer has great shows!  Stargate (now just Atlantis, but I started with SG-1), The Dead Zone, The 4400, The Closer, Saving Grace, Burn Notice, Eureka….
I could go on for ages, but I won’t.

So hop over and check it out!

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Posted by on June 5, 2008 in EbN Site Stuff


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