Are You Out of the Broom Closet?

06 Jun

So, are you?

I’m still mostly in the broom closet.  I haven’t told my mother that I’m pagan.  She’s a really hard core christian, so she would have a big problem with my being a “witch”.  I don’t go through a lot of trouble to hid it, I just don’t talk about it.  I always wear my pentacle, but most of the time it sits below (and underneath) the neckline of my tops.  If it comes out, and people see it, then so be it.  But I don’t show it off.

I live in a small town of mostly christians.  Most would be offended if I was open about it.  Yes that’s right THEY would be offended by MY religious choice.  Put it this way, I once had a big reaction by a total stranger when I said (not to her mind you) that I was a vegetarian.  She acted as if I just said I was from mars!
Being that I work in an office environment I want to stay as “neutral” as possible.  It has happened that once they see my pentacle they treat me differently.  One former co-worker was extremely friendly with me and we would chat quite often, up until she saw my pentacle.  Then she was snippy, distant and refused to talk with me.

Most (including my mother) don’t have a problem with what I actually believe.  Things like Reiki/energy work, chakras, the properties of herbs, oils & colors, and the power of positive thinking.  But once you put the “pagan” label on it, they have a problem.  Many don’t even care to learn what I actually believe.  I’m pagan, so I’m evil.

I had this one cool experience:  I was in the drive through of a fast food restaurant and the guy who took my money saw my pentacle.  He immediately asked if it was a pentacle, I replied it was, and he said “So you worship the devil, right?”.  I laughed and said no, that the pentacle represents (or I see it representing) the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  He was totally cool and said “So it’s a positive thing then!”.  I was so relieved!  I answered that yes, it is quite often a positive thing.
I often hope that my encounter with him helped him see that not all who wear a pentacle are “evil”.  And maybe he will be more open to those of other faiths.

I know there are several pagans in my town, or at least my general area.  I’ve seen several women my age (18-30) wearing pentacles.  One works at my vet!  Even though we were in the presence of others, I kind of started playing with my pentacle, and she touched hers.  It was like we instantly connected, even though no words were exchanged.
I know that kind of comes off as being really corny.  But it wasn’t.  It was a really nice moment.

One blogger I read said it would be really cool if we all had a secret hand shake or something.  Some way to know (without asking out right) if the other is a pagan too.

So that’s what’s on my mind today.

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