A Little More Magick Please?

11 Jun

I’ve been spending alot of time thinking about how to get more spiritual in my daily life.  I think about spiritual things alot, but I don’t put it into practice.

I’ve ordered a meditation cushion, and I’m hoping that will make it more comfortable to sit for a meditation.  I want to have a daily meditation practice, and the only real time that would make sense for me would be right after work.  I’m to sleepy in the morning.  And if I plan to do it “sometime in the evening” I’ll just put it off and not do it.  So I want to do it right after I get home, before I eat.  This might be a good way of staying in an “almost meditative” or super-relaxed state for the rest of the evening as well.

I also want to try yoga.  I’ve ordered a DVD called Yoga for Beginners.  It seems like it’s really flexible, allowing you to choose from 10 to 90 minute workouts, and it seems easy for a newbie like me to learn.  I don’t know when I want to do yoga.  If I’m doing meditation when I get home, I won’t want to do yoga after that.  Maybe I’ll try doing yoga first, then meditate after that.  I’m afraid my body would get revved up from the yoga, and that would make it hard to settle down to meditate.  I guess I won’t know till I try.  I could just do yoga on the weekends.  That might work.

I have these great cds from Brain Sync.  They are great for meditation and spiritual/mental growth and health.  I have several:  Deep Meditation, Brain Massage, Awakening Kundalini, Slim Naturally, Sound Sleep, and Walking Meditation.  I’ve used the Sound Sleep and the Walking Meditation alot; the Deep Meditation, Slim Naturally and the Brain Massage a little; I haven’t tried the Awakening Kundalini at all.
–Sound Sleep is the only one that you can use all night, it helps you get to sleep and leaves you rested and refreshed.  I don’t use it anymore because my alarm clock (with a cd player) has to be manually changed from cd mode to radio.  Since I wake up to the radio, when the alarm would come on it would play the Sound Sleep cd.  NOT what you want in the morning!  I found that out the first night I tried it!  Thankfully I only slept in by a few minutes.
–Walking Meditation gets you moving without feeling like it.  It has a great beat that you natrually keep time with.  It slowly steps you up to faster pace, and then gradually brings you down.  I normally tire really easily, but for some reason I don’t when I have this on.
–Deep Meditation takes you really deep and makes doing a half hour meditation so easy.  I want to use this all the time when I meditate regularly.  The idea is that this would “teach” me how to meditate deeply, and then eventually I would be able to do it on my own.
–Slim Naturally is two half hour programs.  The first takes you through “emotional issues” that might keep you from loosing weight.  Guilt, anger, embarrassment…  The second is the “positive thinking” aspect.  You are beautiful, you loose weight easily, you are happy with your body, that sort of thing.  I haven’t used it often enough to see if it works.
–Brain Massage is really powerful and leaves me feeling refreshed and relaxed, great if you had a rough day at work.
–I’m really interested in the Awakening Kundalini.  I want to try it when I have actual time to devote to it.  But I always forget about it, which is why I haven’t listened to it yet.

That’s my first step in bringing more spirituality into my life.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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