Fish Supplies Update

11 Jun

I just realized that I didn’t update you on how my fish supplies are working!

I told you that one of my filters was making a weird noise and that I called Foster & Smith to get a replacement.  That was on a Saturday.  I got the replacement on the next TUESDAY!  I was so surprised!  The return label, sent by mail, didn’t arrive until Wednesday or Thursday.

I have the replacement installed, as well as the Chemi-pure filter media.  My tank has never been clearer!  I should have done it a long time ago!  The new filters are like wisper quiet too.  I was worried that going from one filter to two would double the sound volume, but I don’t think it has.  I think these two combined are quieter then my last one.  I haven’t done water tests lately to see what my levels are like.  I should do that tonight.  I should really keep a record of what my results are.  I’ll add a little notebook to my shopping list.  I still need to cut down the extension pipes.  I’m just afraid I’ll cut them down to much, and you can’t just slap that length back on.  😛

I think I said that I have ordered another Black Ghost Knife from my local fish store.  I placed the order about a week and a half ago, and it still hasn’t come in, so that’s a little disappointing.  I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, it could very well turn out to be male, and then I’d have to wait some more.  But now that I’ve decided to breed Cole I want to get started on it NOW!  I know it will be quite a while, probably like a year, before the female would be breeding size, so once I get her I would still need to wait.  And in addition some BGK don’t handle moves well, so sometimes they die within a week or so.  I quarantine all my new fish, so that helps reduce some of the stress.

So here I sit trying to patiently wait till I get my new BGK……..
I’m normally a very patient person, but sometimes when I really excited about something I just want it now!  I don’t want to wait, once I make the decision I want it to be done quick, quick, quick!

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