Water Only – Week 4 – part 2

11 Jun

Routine:   Left my ACV/herb mix on my hair for several minutes again.  Then I rinsed it out, and did my normal massaging/washing under the shower head.  Then I parted my hair and combed it down, and applied baking soda to the length of my hair, being careful not to get it on my roots.  I did apply a small amount that was left on my hand to the outside layer of my hair (I think that’s called the canopy?) just before I rinsed it out.  Then I applied LOTS of conditioner to the same area, left it on for several minutes, and again rinsed.

Results:   I have really nice hair today.  The BS got rid of that sticky mess I had.  The roots are only slightly greasy, but the rest of my hair is great!  I’m able to wear it down for the first time in weeks!  I now will have to wait for the oils to travel back down the length, but it was worth it to get rid of that sticky stuff.

Next:   I don’t think I’ll do BS again unless I really need it.  But I’ll keep it in mind if this WO thing doesn’t work out.  It leaves my hair nice and soft, as long as I’m careful to not do it to often.  I’ll continue with the ACV/herb mix and conditioning the length.  I’m thinking that my scalp is starting to even out.  My hair is nowhere near as greasy as it was a week ago, but I’ll still do three showers a week until I’m sure.

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Posted by on June 11, 2008 in Water Only Hair


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