I’m so EXCITED!!!!!

13 Jun

I just got a call from my fish store that they got a Black Ghost knife in!  They don’t know how to sex them, so I’ll have to go there to check, but if it’s female I’ll be taking her home!  Knowing this has made the last hour of work seem really long.  It will be worth it if I get a female!

Now I have so many thoughts running through my head (assuming it’s female, and I take her home):  Will she be healthy?  Will she survive all the tank changes?  Will she and Cole get along once I move her in with him?  What will her temperment be like?  What food will she like to eat?  Will she be friendly or reclusive?  Will I actually be able to breed these fish?  How many babies would they have?   ……..

For the 2-4 weeks I’ll keep her in a quarentene tank.  This is for several reasons:  1- If she is sick, or carring some disease I don’t want her to get the rest of my fish sick.  2- It’s a whole lot easier to see if she’s eatting if it’s a small tank.  In the 55gal the rest of the fish would eat the leftover food.

Well now it’s quitting time, so I’m off to the pet store!

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