More Bad Weather

13 Jun

We got another 5 inches of rain last night.  And there’s more rain coming over the weekend.  That’s supposed to be light, but we don’t need more rain at this point.

Several dams in my area are on the verge of breaking.  One lake got so over full that it created a “river” that emptied the lake.  Instead of this big lake, all that’s left is a little bit of water and LOTS of mud.  The flow from that actually washed away several highways.  Not like “they’re under water” but washed them away, as in the road is no longer there.  There was so much water that the ground under the road was softened and it just floated away.  Asphalt and all.

I even heard of several buildings collapsing because the roof was holding so much water.  Several houses have been washed away.  Just completely gone.

Most of my area is under a constant flood warning.  Not to mention the tornadoes!  I think there have been a dozen in the last week.  I think all of them were minor, but a dozen tornadoes is a lot no matter how bad they are.  We even had an earthquake last month!  I think it was the first earthquake in several decades.

Normally we don’t get weather like this in the upper midwest.  Occasionally we’ll get some flooding, a rare tornado, but that’s it.  And not all at once like this.  And all of this is happening after the biggest snow season we’ve seen in years.  It took months for all the water left from the snow to dissipate.  Some places only had dry land for about a month before this happened.

I luckly have been spared.  My house is on a little bit of a hill, so most of the water just flows down to the properties around me.  If we get much more rain I’ll need to find another way to work though.  One intersection is in danger of being flooded.  After last night’s rain the water is only an inch or two from the road.

I hope the weather is better were you are.  If it is, be thankful.  I love mother nature, but sometimes she can be a real bitch.

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