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16 Jun

Just some things that are one my mind, but don’t deserve there own post:

I bred my Dragon Cave adults this weekend.  I got two eggs!  Well really three, but the third was a purple that I abandoned.  I kept a Grey and a White.  I got a white last week as well, but it was male (which I already have), so I abandoned it.  I’m hoping for both the new eggs to be female.  I really want a silver egg from my silver female, but so far no luck.  Oh, and guess what?  Paper dragons don’t breed.  So I’ll have to wait till I can find another and hope it’s female.

I got my meditation cushions on friday!  I tried them out for a few minutes and found I could get comfortable pretty easily.  I plan to start meditating today after work.  I’ll have to think about what I want to do on days that I need to take a shower.  I could meditate and then shower, or the other way around.  I think my yoga dvd is coming wednesday or thursday.  I’ll be excited to try that as well.

I found this really cool site for hair sticks.  I don’t think I’ve talked about this one before: Ketylo Sticks.  Now comes the daunting task of deciding which ones I want.  I think for my first order I’ll do two singles and one pair, so four sticks total.  I really like the Dymondwood colors.  They are waterproof as well.  But I’m stuck on what size to get.  They come in 5″, 6″ and 7″.  I quite often put my hair up with pens and pencils, and they are (about) 5″.  But as my hair gets longer I might need the longer sticks.  I’m thinking that I might go with 6″.
Here’s my favorites:        (** = first choice,  * – second choice,  no star = last choice)
Charcoal Silvertone
Cocobolo Macassar*
Colonial Chestnut*
Indigo Royalwood**
Tropical Purplewood*
Turquoise Gemwood
-These aren’t Dymondwood, but I like them as well.
White Spalted*
Blue Black
I’m thinking I’ll go with a pair of the Hazelnut, and one each of Agatewood and Indigo Royalwood.  But that’s what I’m thinking today.  I seem to change my mind everyday.

I’ve been having a problem with Nitrates in my fish tanks.  I’ve always known that you need to be concerned about nitrites, but that nitrates were harmless.  Well recently I’ve read that now they found that being exposed to a high level of nitrates for a long period of time can be harmful to your fish.   Most of the time you want them between 0-15, with 40 being MAX.  Mine are at 200!  No mater what I seem to try I can get them down for a little bit, but then they pop back up.
High nitrates come from several sources: a new tank that’s not balanced yet (not my problem), over feeding, and lack of water changes.  So it seems that it’s all my falt!  Isn’t that nice!  I know that I don’t change the water as often as I should.  But with a 55gal tank, that involves alot of water.  I need to set up a schedule of weekly or bi-weekly water changes.  I also need to pay attention to how much I feed.  I lost alot of fish in the past year (possibly to high nitrates?) so maybe I’m feeding my current fish to much.  I’ll watch how much I feed from now on.
So those are the preventitives, but I need to get those nitrates in line before they will help any.  I found this great water change rutine to get rid of nitrates.  I just did that big water change when I move the tank a few weeks go, and the nitrates were better, but not great.  But now they’re through the roof again.  Now I think I need to do this method and then really watch my feeding and do like 20% water changes at least twice a week for a while.  If I can’t get them in line with that, then I’m in big trouble.
I’m sure my back is going to LOVE this…..

Well there are some of the thoughts that have been floating around in my much to busy brain.


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