No luck, AKA: Cole’s still single….

16 Jun

So I didn’t get my female Black Ghost Knife.  In fact the fish store didn’t even have a BGK.  It seems they ordered a BGK, but they got sent a African (black) Knife.  Which is somewhat similar, but not the same fish.  I can’t believe that they could order one thing and get sent another!  They seemed kind of disappointed that I didn’t want to take it.  Well, 1: it’s not what I ordered; and 2: I’m trying to breed, so another type of fish won’t help will it?

So now it’s back to waiting.  I’m not sure how soon they’ll get it in.  They might want to wait until this one sells to order a new one.  Being that I’m not “for sure” taking it, I kind of understand that.  I mean I’ll only take it if it’s female, and if it isn’t then they’ll be stuck with a African Knife and a BGK.


Cole and I are having problems.  I want to feed him in this one cave, but he doesn’t like that cave, and as soon as I put my hand in the tank he hides in the second cave on the other side of the tank.  And then he won’t come out for a long time.  So the zebra’s end up eating it.  Which they don’t mind, but it means Cole doesn’t get food.  So I started putting it in the second cave, the one he prefers, but it’s so small it barely fits him, so when I push the cube of bloodworms in he freaks out about something “coming at him”, and ends up swimming away anyway.

I think what I’ll try is taking out the second cave.  It’s really to small for him anyway, he ends up all squished.  Then he’ll have no choice but to use the bigger cave.  And that has plenty of room for me to stick the food in at the top and not bother him.  I know he doesn’t like that big cave (he thinks it’s to big and not “cozy”), but it will be much better for him in the end.

I want him to get used to using the bigger cave because I want the smaller cave to be for the female once I get her.  Being that he’s bigger he should have the bigger cave.

Hopefully we’ll get something worked out soon.  He hasn’t had a decent meal in a week, even though I’ve been feeding every day.

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