Water Only – Week 5

16 Jun

I didn’t do my third shower last week.  I had an appointment Thursday night, and I didn’t feel like taking a shower by the time I got home.  So I thought I would just take it on Friday night, right?  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Something about me: once I put something off once, I’m more likely to do it again.

But back to my report:

Routine:   I let my ACV/herb rinse sit on my hair for a few minutes again.  Then I rinsed it out and did my massaging under the shower head.  I then parted my hair and conditioned just the length, let it sit for a few minutes then rinsed that out.

Results:   I really like the results of leaving the ACV/herb rinse on.  It seems to help the oil brake down better.  One side affect though: My hair is lighter.  Chamomile (which is in the herb mix) has a lightening affect, but I didn’t think it would be this much.  The ACV slightly darkens, so I thought the Chamomile would just counteract that.  But my hair is lighter then it was, so that must be it.  The conditioner seems to help remove the build-up from the length.

Next:   I think I’ll cut back on the Chammomile.  Not get rid of it all together, just not use as much.  I deffinatly need to do three showers if I want to get all the oils out of my roots.  The conditioner gets rid of the oils on the length (which means I can leave my hair down), but it also means I’m stripping the oil off.  Which the whole point of Water Only is to get those oils down the length.  I think I’ll keep doing the conditioner until my oil production balances out.  It’s really nice having my hair down. 🙂

Comments:   If the WO thing doesn’t work out I think I’ll strongly concider trying conditioner only (CO).  The length of my hair seems to be doing pretty well with it. 
I’m also thinking about not coloring my hair anymore.  I’m dyeing it pretty close to my natrual color, and if the Chamomile lightnens this much I might be able to get that little bit lighter without using coloring.  I might try doing one last color to try to get to my natural color.

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