best laid plans…..

17 Jun

….can always change.

I planed to meditate last night.  But when I got home I found out that my yoga dvd arrived!  Two days early!  So instead of meditating I did a 20 minute yoga workout.  I thought I would try the 10 minute, but that was all back bends, and I have a bad back that isn’t really flexible, so I decided to start with the 20 minute “standing” workout.  Things like: Mountain, Tree, Triangle, Warrior and some Forward Bends.  It went really well.  I was able to do almost everything, and hold it all for the time she (the instructor) did.  I wasn’t able to do some extending of the poses, but I could do the basic pose.  I’m sure my form was terrible, but hey it was my first time.

One trick I read from a reviewer at Amazon was to watch the workout before you tried it.  That was really good advice.  I already knew what was coming, so I was able to flow seamlessly.  In fact I did alot of it with my eyes closed.  I’ll have to watch my breathing though.  I found myself holding my breath.

I was sure that I would be really sore today.  But I’m not!  I’m a tiny bit sore, but really it’s more stiff then sore.  I think I might try it again on wednesday.  I think I’ll plan for yoga monday-wednesday-friday, and meditation on tuesday-thursday.  That way I can meditate after I take my shower.  All that hot water should help me relax and bend easier.

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