18 Jun

I love greyhounds.  I’m involved with a group that adopts out retired racing greyhounds.  I don’t have a greyhound yet (still haven’t found the right one), but I love the community even if I don’t have one yet.

My group (also in my sidebar) has a kennel that houses the dogs waiting to be adopted.  Once they are chosen, they go into foster homes.  Which are homes that ease the transition and get them ready for home life.  These dogs have never seen the inside of a house.  They are unfamiliar with things that we deem “normal”.  Like the fact that glass doors are in fact solid.  That hardwood floors are slippery.  And that TV’s and vacuums make noise.  They stay at a fosters house for a week or two, then they are taken home by their new family.

In a few weeks I am going to start volunteering at the kennel.  It is the first and third saturdays of the month.  Adopters come to the kennel to pick out their dog (from a group of several that would work for their lifestyle), but before they do the volunteers bathe and walk all the dogs so they are clean and calm when they meet their potential family.  This is a way for me to meet the available dogs and help out at the same time.

I’ve been waiting to get a greyhound for a LONG TIME.  I first found out about them like 5 or 6 years ago.  It was like love at first sight.  The more I learned the more I knew that they were the dog for me.  At the time I was living in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs.  But now I have a house, and I really feel like my life is ready for a dog.  I sent my application in a year ago, and I’ve met lots of dogs, but I haven’t found one that seemed to fit.  There was nothing wrong with any of them, we just didn’t seem to click.  Actually I did find one, but it turned out that she didn’t like being an only dog.  Whenever there wasn’t another dog around she would freak out.

It’s been a long year, and my adoption coordinater has been really patient with me.  But I really started to feel like I was waisting her time.  She was showing me all these awesome dogs, but I kept saying no to all of them.  But now that I’m volunteering I’ll be able to meet the available dogs without taking up her time.

The kennel houses 30 dogs, only half of which belong to my group, the rest belong to another group.  So I will help walk them and just spend time with them.  The volunteers also gather info on the dogs personality.  Like if the dog will listen to you, or if they play “deaf” and refuse to listen (then they might need a more experienced house).  Or if they walk good on a leash.  Are they a social butterfly, or are they shy?  That kind of thing.  It helps better match them to the adopters.

So I’ll probably be talking about greyhounds alot.  I’ll probably chat about how my volunteering went, and hopefully I’ll soon be able to say that I’ve fallen in love with a dog.

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