yeah, I suck at new routines….

18 Jun

I planned to meditate after my shower last night.  Neither of those things happened.  I didn’t get my shower, and I didn’t meditate.

There is, however, a good reason.  My mother called when I was driving home.  Apparently my cousin called her in a very fragile emotional state (he’s attempted suicide before), so she called me to vent, and ask me what she should do.  I don’t know my cousin very well.  I’ve only met him a handful of times.  His father (my uncle) and mother lost custody of him, and he grew up being bounced around foster and group homes.  He seems to get very overwhelmed when things are difficult.  That is a trait he inherited from my grandmother.  She used to be really bad when my mom was growing up from what I’m told.  She would alternate between crying like a baby, and beating them.

To make a long story short, we spent most of the evening trying to figure out what to do.  He’s living with my grandparents right now (long story, don’t ask), but they are out of state right now.  Actually I think what set most of this off is that while out of town my grandpa went into the hospital.  It was quite serious for a while, but it turns out he got pneumonia from the air in the plane.  And at his age pneumonia is serious.  Apparently plane air is pretty bad, health wise.  He’s fine now, he was released from the hospital yesterday and they should be home tonight.  Hopfully that will help my cousin.

So (I hate to even say this) my plan for tonight is taking a shower, and then either meditating or doing some yoga.  That’s the plan.  Lets see if I can stick to it.  In case you haven’t seen I’m bad at starting new routines.  Once I get them going I’m fine, but until they are established, I’m really bad at staying on track.

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