Water Only – Week 6

23 Jun

Routine:   Massaged under the shower head, applied my ACV/herb mix and massaged that around for a few minutes, then rinsed that out.  I didn’t use any conditioner.  My hair felt pretty good under the water without it.

Results:   The ends of my hair are a little dry.  The bulk of my hair feels fine, just the ends are dry.  It feels a little greasy, but it doesn’t look greasy.  I’m able to wear it down today.

Next:   I’m thinking I might need to do one of three things: cut back on the time I leave the ACV/herb mix on my hair, cut back on the amount of mix I use, or cut back on the ACV in the mix.  I’m thinking that is drying my hair out to much.  I might also think about putting olive oil on my hair.  Maybe I’ll apply it right before I get in the shower, just on the ends.  That way the ACV won’t get a chance to dry out the ends because they are already coated.  Then I’ll be able to just rinse it out.

Comments:   I’m thinking I’m just about over the super greasy stage.  I’ve read that some people have a big problem in the 6th week, so I might be eating my words later.  😛   I’m still a little greasy, but I always have been.  If I eventually balance out to a non-greasy state that would be awesome though!  That would be funny if the only reason I was greasy was because I was using to much product, and I was using product to get rid of the grease….
My hair also seems to be growing pretty fast.  I don’t measure, but I was about an inch above BSL (bra strap length) after my trim at the beginning of WO, and now I’m an inch or two beyond.  That’s pretty amazing for six weeks.  Maybe using shampoo was slowing my growth?  I’m also using Kelp, which isn’t strictly for hair growth, but it helps get the thyroid working properly, which some say that a thyroid that isn’t working properly slows hair growth.  Who knows, but no matter the reason I like it!  If I keep growing like this I might be at waist by the end of the year.  Maybe even sooner!  That would be COOL.  But I won’t stress over it.  I’ll get there when I get there.

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