Water Only – Week 6 – part 2

26 Jun

I reduced the ACV in my rinse mix to a splash (down from 1/3 of the mix).  And I added more Chamomile then last time.

Routine:   Got my hair wet and poured on some ACV/herb mix.  I only left it on for a minute or so, then I rinsed it out.  I stood under the water and massaged around, but my hair still felt greasy, so I did another small ACV/herb application, and quickly rinsed it out.  I did this all very quickly.  I was in and out of the shower in 10 minutes, and that included my other shower stuff.

Results:   The bulk of my hair is still a little greasy, but my ends are dry.  My hair is lighter because I used more Chamomile in the mix.  I have my hair in a half-up today, all down it looked too greasy.

Next:   I need to spend more time then I did last night massaging under the water.  I was on a tight schedule, so I had to do it quickly, but I didn’t get all the grease out.  I really need to find something that keeps my ends from getting dry.  I think I’ll try putting olive oil on the ends before I get in the shower next time.  Another option is honey, but I don’t have that in the house, so I’ll try olive oil first.

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Posted by on June 26, 2008 in Water Only Hair


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