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Post 100!

This is my 100th post!

I can’t believe that I have posted this much!  I never thought that I would find myself willing to share this much of myself.  I normally keep my thoughts to myself, but here I feel like I am safe to talk about whatever I want to.  I hope you are enjoying what I write.  Even if you don’t, I do, and I guess that’s all that matters in the end.  🙂

It seems most of the people that come here are coming for Dragon Cave stuff, but that’s ok.  I have no desire for this site to become huge.  It’s nice to be able to talk about suff, and if people find it interesting, then so be it….

Blessed Be

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ponytail haircut – results

EDIT 6.19.09 – I made a How-To with pictures (drawings really) you can find it HERE.

Last night I cut my hair with the “ponytail” method (I talk about it here).  It turned out really well!  I’ll definitly keep up with it.  My hair is now layered down my mid-back length.  The layering starts at chin length in front, and starts a little below shoulder length in the back.

I placed the ponytail at the very front edge of my hairline, and then cut strait across where my longest hair ended.  I then took it down, and realized that the back wasn’t quite U shaped anymore, so I put it back up and trimmed the blunt cut into a slight U shape.  It ended up making my hair a little more V shaped then I wanted, but I think it actually looks great.

I think next time I won’t put it quite as far forward.  I think I’ll put it about an inch back from my hairline.  That way I’ll get more layering in the back.  I think.  Or maybe that would mean less layering in the front?  I’ll have to think about it more when my brain is fully awake.  Right now thinking about it is giving me a headache.

My ends don’t feel sharp and dry anymore.  So it definitely was split ends making it feel that way.  I’ll wash it tonight and see how it ends up.  I might put it back up in the ponytail after it’s dried just to make sure my cut is still even, and that I don’t have any stragglers.  🙂

So if you want layered hair, but don’t want to go to a salon to get it, I would recommend this method.  All you really need is to be able to put your hair in a ponytail (brush it smooth, or the cut will be uneven!) and to cut a strait line.  I think most people could do that!
I also recommend that after you cut it, take it out and brush it into your regular style, and then put it back into the ponytail to check your cut.  You might find a couple hairs that aren’t even with the rest.


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CSA – Community Supported Agriculture

My work tends to have magazines in the bathroom stalls for people to read.  I normally don’t bother, but occasionally I’ll take a peak at one if I see something interesting on the cover.

For the last week there has been a local magazine in there (talking about local stores, events and stuff).  I never took the time to look at it, but I did today, and boy am I glad I did.

There was an article about a local CSA (that’s Community Supported Agriculture) called Good Earth Farm and talked about what they do.  Basically it is a family that decided to farm 5 acres of their land and sell the produce to a group of “members”.  They do all the work, and you just pick up your box of veggies and stuff once a week during the summer.  And you have natural, locally grown, fresh food.  You pay a certin amount once a year, it works out to about $20 per box in this case.  That’s a little steep, but it does contain a lot of food.

Now this is not like a farmer’s market.  A farmer’s market is where people come with stuff they have grown and you just pick what you want (like a grocery store).  In a CSA (or at least this one) you get a box of food that was picked that week.  You don’t get to choose what is in it, but it contains whatever they happen to be able to pick.

I think this is a really cool idea.  I’m thinking I might join in next year.  I don’t like everything on their product list, but it would be a cool way to try things I’m wouldn’t necessarily pick up in a store (or that my store doesn’t have).

If this sounds intesting to you, check to see if there is a local CSA in your area.

Here are some good links: 
This Wikipedia Page has a good description.
This is a List of CSA’s by state.  May not be complete.

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not quite CO yet…

I took a shower last night and washed my hair (for the first time in 10 weeks!) with Baking Soda and Conditioner.

I didn’t use much BS, but it got my hair really clean!  I thought I would have to use a shampoo too, but the BS got my hair clean in one shot.  I think it’s to strong to use regularly, but I’ll defiantly keep it in mind if I need to really clean my hair.  It’s gentle enough to be a clarifier, but strong enough to clean up whatever you got going on with your hair.

Then I put on LOADS of conditioner (I’d say almost a cup?) and left that on while I did my other shower things (including shaving my legs) so it was on for 10 minutes?  Maybe 15?  And then I rinsed it out really well.  My hair felt like it was made of silk!  So silky and smooth!  I barely needed to use a comb or brush.  I think I could have used my fingers, that’s how untangled it was.

My hair is still really soft now that it’s dried.  The ends are a little sharp though.  I don’t know why.  I think I might have some split ends that my conditioner “glued” back together (some conditioners can do that).  So maybe that’s it.  I might try doing a little trim to take all that off.

There is this really cool method for cutting layers in your hair, called the ponytail method (I already have layers [cut by a stylist] and plan to keep them).  The idea is that you gather all your hair in a ponytail and cut it even with the “bottom” of your hair (the hair from the nape, which would be the longest when you have layers).  Where you place the ponytail determines how layered your hair ends up.  If you put a really low ponytail, you’ll barely get any layers; if you put it in the center of the back of your head you’ll get layering on the last couple inches; if you put it on top your head you’ll get layers that can go from mid-neck all the way down your length; if you put it at your front hair line (above your forehead) you’ll get layers from your ears to your ends (and more of a “U” shaped cut).  You can, of course, adjust anywhere in between these “points” to create as much or as little layering as you want.
The way this works is that the farther your “longest hair” has to travel, the more the rest of your hair becomes shorter.  So if you put the ponytail on the top of your head, or at the front hairline, your “longest hair” will travel from your nape all the way to your ponytail (and beyond), while your “shortest hair” (the hair from the top or your head) will only travel a short distance, thus creating layers.
So I think I’ll try this tonight.  When I got my hair cut last (right before WO) the stylist didn’t do a very good job.  She seemed to only know how to created layers a few inches deep.  So when I told her that I wanted the layering to come from my shoulders down to my mid-back length she kind of cut layers a few inches down from that point, and then there is this strait patch of the longer hair underneath that.  It doesn’t look that great.  But thankfully I don’t think anybody but me has noticed.
ETA:  I did it!  Read about it here.

Also when I go shopping (tonight or tomorrow) I’ll look at different conditioners.  Since I’m going to try CO I’m going to need alot of conditioner, so I’ll need to find something cheap but good (isn’t that the dilemma with everything? we want good stuff, but we don’t want to pay for it!).  I might even try “Mane and Tail” which is a conditioner meant for horses, but is supposed to work really well for people too.

Oh, before I forget the LHC thread on CO is here.

So that’s my hair update.  I think I’ll take another shower on thursday night, so expect another report on friday.  If all goes well I’ll officially start CO next week.


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a little on dragon cave

I’ve been thinking about Dragon Cave alot lately.

There was a site update a week or so ago.  Cool new things like a navigation bar, customizable sort for your scroll, being able to see the lineage of your dragons (even if they were bred by someone else), and best of all: multiple eggs from breeding.  You can only keep one of the eggs (you can get up to four), but it makes it easier if you are trying to get a rare egg.  Like this week I bred my Silver female (Pippin Grey) to my Grey male (Rangi) and got 3 eggs: 2 grey and 1 silver.  So I of course kept the silver.  😀

My breeding is somewhat frusterating though.  Being that I’m looking for one of each gender for the breeds (only from breeding, no adopting) that means alot of growing the babies up, only to have them be the wrong gender (the one I already have), and then I abandon them and try again.
I’m also trying to get the most variety from my breedings.  Like I already have a set of Green and Red dragons, so I wouldn’t breed those two together (because the result could only be a green or red).  I would instead pair them to a breed that I don’t have a set of yet (like a stone or plant).  That means I have a better chance at getting an egg I need, and not getting an egg I don’t want.

I also was able to snag another Paper.  Being that they can’t breed, the only way to get them is to steel an egg.  I hope that this one is a female.  That way Cepheus can have a “mate” (even if they can’t breed).  I might keep it even if it isn’t female.  I really don’t want to break my “only one of each breed” thing, but papers are so rare I might.

My next plan is to get two of each gender for each dragon.  It will take a while to get a set of all of them, so that will be far in the future.

And it seems like they will be releasing more new dragons.  TJ (the owner) said that he will try to release a new breed on a regular basis.  He didn’t say (or I don’t remember) how regular that will be, but new breeds mean more breeding to get a set.  And I’m all for that.

I know I haven’t posted about DC in a while, and I didn’t wan’t you to think I had lost interest!

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Ketylo Hairsticks – highly reccomended!

I just received an order of Ketylo Corkscrew Hairsticks.  They are AWESOME!  They look like they are made of glass.  The colors are so beautiful!  I am so happy with them.
These are the ones I chose:

Ketylo - Agatewood
(in mine the darker brown isn’t as red as it looks here)

Ketylo - Clonial Chestnut
Colonial Chestnut
(again mine are not quite as reddish, just a standard “wood” color)

Ketylo - Indigo Royalwood
Indigo Royalwood

(mine is a little lighter then shown)

Ketylo - Tropical Purplewood
Tropical Purplewood
(mine look like the sticks, not the inset close-up pic)

Ketylo - White Spalted AquaPearl
White Spalted AquaPearl
(actually a plastic, not wood)

I’ll post pics of mine as soon as I get a chance.  (these pics were taken directly from the ketylo site)
(kevin, if you see this and you don’t want your pictures here, just let me know and I’ll remove them)

I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are really comfy, and so pretty to look at!  They have lots of colors in three different sizes (5″ short, 6″ medium, 7″ long), so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like.

LHC has a thread about them, and quite a few people have posted pics of their sticks.  As you can see, each one is different.

They are having a sale for the next two days (till July 31st).  Buy four sticks and get the fifth one free.  If you want to take advantage of this offer, just place an order for your four sticks, and then email Kevin (the owner; his address is on the site) telling him what you want as your free stick (remember to give details in the email so he knows which order to send it with!).
I placed my order about a week ago and have them already, so he’s really good about getting them out quickly.

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I now have super speed!

I got my cable internet installed on friday.  But it didn’t go smoothly.

My wireless adaptor software caused a conflict with my virus program.  When I restarted the computer I got the blue screen of death.  I’ve never had a blue screen on this computer before (on other computers yes, but never on this one).

So I thought that would be simple enough, right?  Just uninstall the adaptor program and everything would be good to go.  So I got my computer into safe mode (they only way it would actually boot up) and then went to go uninstall it, but it wouldn’t do it!  The uninstall screen would come up and quickly disappear (in under a second).  So I called the company, and they basically told me to do all the things I just did, and then pretty much said they couldn’t help me.  THANKS ALOT!  What am I supposed to do now?

I ended up doing a system restore, and that finally got rid of the adaptor program.  But my virus program (AVG) would still blue screen every time it loaded (which, of course, is the first thing to load when the computer turns on).  So I had to uninstall that too.  I thought that I would just have to re-install it, right?  No.  It wouldn’t let me reinstall it.

I was really bummed out.  Without the adaptor I wasn’t able to link my computer to my modem, so that meant I wasn’t able to get online.  But then my mom said why don’t you just use the cord from the modem and at least get internet to your computer?  It wouldn’t be wireless, but I would be able to use the internet.  Why didn’t I think of that?  So that means I have a cord running across my living room, but at least I’m able to get online!  And boy is it fast!  Pages that used to take several minutes now load in seconds!  WHOO!  😀

I still need to get my computer fixed so that I can reinstall my virus scanner.  But for now I’ll just use an online scanner to make sure that I’m ok.


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