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02 Jul

The idea for this blog started many years ago with reading Wil Wheaton dot Net (WWdN).  Wil Wheaton was the actor who was in the movie Stand by Me, and most famous (at least to me) for playing Wesley on StarTrek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG).

I started reading WWdN about 5 years ago, and was almost instantly addicted.  He is funny, sweet, sarcastic, open, and incredibly real.  WWdN (and Wil himself) have gone through many changes since it started all those years ago.  It started just talking about whatever, and then he began sharing his life as a struggling actor who would go to auditions, but almost never land the role.  Over many years he began to realize that he enjoyed writing on his blog, and after multiple people prodded him, he began writing (in a narrative way) about his life and his past.  First in his blog, then later in other places.  He has now published three books (all non-fiction about his life), and most of his time is taken up writing for one project or another.

I highly recommend the audio version of his book Just a Geek in which Wil himself reads the book.  His voice is really nice to listen to, and  I got so much more out of the book by hearing they way Wil was saying something then the dozen times I had read the book itself.  He even brakes away from the text several times and gives us some extra info.  And the bonus material (especially the bloopers) are a great way to get a laugh.

His latest post bustin up my brains for the words is about his experience at writing his first fiction novella, that if we keep our fingers crossed might become a full blown novel.  He talks about the unfamiliar territory he finds himself in.  He’s used to writing about his own life, if he hits a block, he just digs around in his memory.  But now he has to write everything just from his imagination.
He has been keeping this project pretty quiet, so this is the first time he’s really talked about the characters and the story line.  I was quite excited to hear about it, and find myself on the edge of my seat, wishing I could get my hands on this RIGHT NOW!  It sounds so interesting, and I can’t wait till I can read it.  I know from years of reading WWdN that whatever he writes I will like, but this sounds really great.

I can’t wait for him to finish it, so I can be one of the first to buy it!

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