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02 Jul

Cole (my black ghost knife) and I finally have a routine down for his feeding time.  I feed him cubed bloodworms via tongs to his cave.  It used to be that he would freak out when I would put the cube into his cave, and he would be so scared that he would refuse to eat.

But no more.  Now I tap the (metal) tongs gently on the glass before I open the lid.  Then he comes out of the cave and goes into the floating log that is his other hideout.  Then I can move the floating log (with him inside it) and get at his cave, put the bloodworms in, and get out without really disturbing him.  He then waits a few seconds and dashes back down to his cave to chow down.

I am very happy with this new routine, and I am glad we finally got something worked out.


On a slightly different note:  I still haven’t gotten another BGK.  I’ve ordered one, but it still hasn’t come in.  My store said something about them being higher priced.  I don’t know why that matters, but whatever.  The manager also said that she wasn’t sure that one was even ordered.  I’m a little frustrated with that.  They have gotten several things I’ve ordered wrong lately.  I’ve never had this problem before.  They have always been great about ordering whatever I needed.  Sometimes it takes a while to get in, but it was always right.  I’ve been thinking about trying to go to another store.  That one is the only one in my town, so I’ll have to travel, but I’m starting to get fed up with them.

I’m going to my mom’s this weekend, so maybe I’ll try calling some stores around her to see if they have a BGK.  Last time I went to a Petsmart (in a different town then were my mom lives) they had two really tiny BGKs.  Like under two inches.  I’d never seen ones so small!  But the smaller they are, the more fragile they are.  So it’s a risk trying a smaller one.

I might have to try an online store.  Drs. Foster and Smith (on their fish store Live Aquaria) have BGKs, and are only a few hours away from me, so shipping wouldn’t be that stressful on the fish.  I won’t be able to tell if it’s male or female though.  Although some places I’ve read lately have said that the face shape isn’t a male/female difference, but just a different strain.  So even if I got a different face shaped one, it might not be female.  Not much is know about it, so it’s a gamble either way.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my tank size, from my 55gal to either a 75 or 90gal.  Then I might be able to get several BGKs, I was thinking maybe 4 (total, so 3 more), and then chances are I would have a male and female somewhere in the bunch.  I could then keep the 55 as a grow out tank for the babies, or a breeding tank for the pair, one or the other.  I just don’t know where I’d put a second tank.

Wow, what started off as simple post has gotten quite long.  But it’s what’s been on my mind alot lately.

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