Water Only – Week 7 – part 2

03 Jul

Routine:   Wet my hair, then applied ACV rinse (no herbs this time).  I started applying it in the back (at the nape) then once that was wet I clipped up the ends, and moved on to the rest of my head.  I spent several minutes massaging the ACV rinse around, applying more as needed.  Then I rinsed it out and massaged under the shower for quite a while.

Results:   Even though my hair felt icky while in the shower, and while wet, once dried it was fine.  The roots are kind of sticky, but the length is fine.  My hair is also darker, because I didn’t use the chamomile.  I’m wearing it in a half-up today (which is my prefered style).

Next:   I think I’ll stick with the ACV without the herbs for a while.  I think one of them was upsetting the ballance, but I’m not sure which one.

Comments:   It could be that the herbs wern’t what is causing this greasy/sticky problem, but that the olive oil was.  Several people have also said they had problems the 6-8th weeks.  So that could be it.  I’m also supprised how weird my hair is when wet (a sticky kind of greasy), but then it dries fine.  In the past if my hair was icky wet, it would be icky dried.  But now it seems the natrual oils act weird when wet, but once they are dried everything is fine.  By the way my hair was when wet, I was sure that I would have to wear my hair all-up today, but I didn’t have to.

I originally planned to try WO for 8 weeks, but now I’m thinking I’ll keep going.  About a week and a half ago my hair was pretty good.  So I’m thinking that I can get it back to that point if I’m patient.  So I’ll keep reporting in and let you know how it goes!

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