my weekend

07 Jul

I had a pretty busy weekend.  But a good kind of busy!  I didn’t have much down time until sunday, but it was well worth it.

I left work on thursday and went down to the hospital to visit my grandpa.  I was really shocked when I got in there.  He looked really fragile and old.  My first thought was “is this my grandpa?”  But the more time I spent there the less I felt like that, and the more I saw beyond the IV’s and tubes and saw that he was the same as I was used to, just a little worn out.  What really makes a difference is that because they have a tube down his throat to help him breathe they have taken his teeth out.  So his whole face looks different.  I wasn’t expecting that.  It makes sense now that I think about it, but I just didn’t think about it before.  They also had him a little sedated thrusday night, so he would only wake up for a few seconds, then drift off again.

I was there from 6 until 10 on thursday night.  Then I went home with my mom and we came back around noon on friday and stayed till 10pm.  He was more alert friday then he was the night before.  It’s really weird to talk to him when he isn’t able to talk back.  He can shake his head and use his arms, but he tries to talk, and can’t.  My grandpa really likes baseball, and they had quite a few games on, so he was able to watch those which really seemed to make him happy.  Apparently on friday night (during the night) he had a death grip on the remote.  He was flipping through channels all night according to the night nurse.  I said to my mom that the tv is like the only thing he can control right now.  He can’t control when he goes to the bathroom, when he sleeps, and he can’t even really move all that much, but he can control that remote. 😀

He’s doing much better.  The doctors have said that they are kind of surprised how well he is doing.  He has a really bad fungus in his lungs, and quite often it takes weeks to get them to the point he is at now, and he’s only been on the meds for 10 days.  He will still have a long road ahead of him.  He will probably be in the ICU for a couple more weeks, and then move to the “normal” hospital rooms and be there for another 6-8 weeks.  So it will be about two months before he might be able to come home.  We haven’t told him that though.  We’ll just take it one step at a time.

They have reduced a lot of his meds, and he continues to do well, so that is really great to hear.  They should be able to take the breathing tube out in the next week or so, which should make him very happy.  I can’t imagine not being able to talk.  I think they are going to give him a wipe off board so he can at least say something more than just shaking his head yes or no.


I left mom’s house early on saturday to go to the greyhound kennels to do my volunteer work.  It was really fun!  We would pick a dog and walk them around the grounds to give them some exercise.  The first one I took out was Manny who was really strong and was always pulling, first one way, then the other.  Talk about a workout!  Then I walked Greta who really wanted to bounce around and go everywhere, but she had just been spayed, so I had to keep her quiet.  After those two I really tried to pick a nice quiet one.  I walked two other dogs (Sissy and Cookie, who don’t belong to my group) who were great and walked calmly.

Then all the dogs had been walked, but volunteers sometimes take a “favorite” out and spend some extra time with them.  It’s just a time to play around and give them some love.  So I went in and took out Puffin, who is Greta’s sister.  She reminds me so much of Gar who is the dog that I almost adopted, but didn’t work out for me.  Because she reminded me of Gar I was kind of avoiding her.  I didn’t want what I felt for Gar to cloud what I could feel for Puffin.

She is a little timid.  She didn’t want to come out of her crate, and she really didn’t want to leave the kennel, but with some coaxing I was able to get her out, and once she was out did she was great!  She was really good about listening.  At first I would let her go to the end of the leash and do what ever she wanted.  So she would walk at the end of the leash, but she wouldn’t pull, which was really nice after Manny and Greta.  Then I decided I wanted to see how well she walked if I pulled her right next to me.  As soon as I asked her to come next to me she came right over and glued herself to my thigh (a little to close actually, we kept bumping into each other!).  She quite often would look up at me to make sure that she was doing what I wanted.  It was almost as if she had already had some obedience training, which was really nice.
By the end of my time with her I knew that I was in love.  She is just perfect for me.  Timid and quiet but still friendly, obedient and responsive yet still independent.  So I talked to my adoption coordinator Cindy, who just happened to be there that day, and told her that I liked Puffin.  So we set up a time next kennel day (the 19th) to have the “official” meeting.  If everything goes well, then she will move to the foster home, and then I can adopt her!  So it will probably be about a month before she could be home, but if all goes well I could have a dog by august!

I’m really excited.  I spent most of my time saturday afternoon and yesterday out on the internet looking at stuff to get for her.  I already have the basics like beds, toys, and food dishes, so I don’t need to worry about those, but I am thinking about getting her a nice collar.  There are several places that make really nice ones for greyhounds.  I really want to get her one that will fit her.  And she will also need a coat for winter, so I can look at that too.
I also was thinking about names.  For Gar I wanted something really soft like Zoe, but for Puffin I think she needs something strong.  I’m thinking she might have a silly side, so maybe something fun, or something that could have a fun nickname would be good.

So that’s my big news.  I’m sure I’ll be talking about it.  Even if I don’t talk about it you can be sure that I’m thinking about it!

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