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09 Jul

I’ve been spending most of my free time doing dog related things.  The more time that goes on, the more I’m sure that Puffin is for me.  So I’ve been doing some internet stuff to get ready, and to keep me busy.

I’ve been looking at collars.  Greyhounds need a special kind of collar called a martingale, and some stores have some really fancy ones.  You can get them in the plain collar material, but I think the fancy ones reflect their personality more.  Some people are addicted to collars.  One lady had so many that she has them in totes.  Not the little totes either.  I don’t think I’ll be that obsessed, but I do think I’ll want one or two.  Maybe another one for the winter / holiday season as well.
Once I get my choices narrowed down more I’ll post them.  Right now I’m trying to choose between 200+ BEAUTIFUL collars.  It might take me a while….

I also have been looking at names.  The site Behind The Name has like EVERY name you can think of, and has a very good history of most.  My first step is making a list of names I like, or like the meaning of.  Then once I have that done, I’ll narrow it down to actual names for her.
Some names are really cool, but I just don’t think they are right for a dog.  Like Malka, which means “queen” in hebrew.  It’s a nice name, and a great meaning, but I can’t see myself yelling out “Malka, time to come in!”  So I’ll be fighting between names I like, and names that would fit her.  Hopefully I’ll find one that is both.
I’m up to the “S” names, so I’m in the home stretch.  I’m thinking I like a name with “bella” in it.  Like Arabella, Annabella, Isabella, Maybelle, or Rosabella.  But I might end up choosing none of those.  I like names that can have a lot of nic-names.  Like Alexandracan be: Alex, Alexa, Alexie, Alexis, Lexa, Lexie, Lexis, Andria, Andy, and Ria.  And Elizabeth has to many nic-names to list (see how many you can think of!).
Then again I almost never call my cat Sebastian by his name.  He’s almost always Baba (“ba” like a the sound a sheep makes, and “ba” like the end of buba).  It started off as Baby, but somehow Baba popped out one day and it stuck.  Sometimes I’ll call him Nuget, but he doesn’t really like it.  He does like Baba though.  Whenever I call him that he gets this happy look on his face.  🙂
He is better than my old cat Smokey though.  I used to call him (let’s see if I can type this the way I say it) Mooka, Maka, Meeka.  Sometimes I’d call him Smacklin too.
My cats have had more nic-names than you can shake a stick at.  I never use their nic-name in conversation though.  I only use their nic-name when I’m actually talking to them.  Maybe it’s because my “normal name” is a nic-name.  I have my legal name, but I’m always called by the (very common) nic-name version.  So maybe it’s what I’m used to.

I’m also reading the book “For the Love of a Dog” by Patricia B. McConnell.  Some of it is a little technical, but it explains the way the dog’s brain functions, to better help us understand them and train them.  And it talks about what a dog’s body language really means.  Even though it is a little hard to read sometimes, I really like it.  It has made me think about things differently.  Inbetween all that technical talk is stories from her many years of dog training.  Some are happy, some are sad, but all are great.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is intrested in having a deeper connection with their dog, or any animal for that matter.  It really helps you see things from their side, rather then trying to get them to do things “our way”.

That’s what’s on my mind lately…..

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