Water Only – Week 8 – part 2

10 Jul

Routine:   I did a hardcore water only wash last night.  I just stood under the shower head and massaged for several minutes.

Results:   The top part of my hair is kind of greasy.  But it is just about the same as when I was using the ACV, so that’s ok.  The length of my hair is GREAT!  It is soft and pretty, and no longer dried out.

Next:   I think I’ll keep up with the hardcore water only for a while and see what it does.  I think I might try like a week or two and get a “baseline”, and then try experimenting.  I’ll try using the ACV, and see if my hair gets dried out again.  After that I’ll experiment with the herbs to see if that helps.

Comments:   I think I need to get a nice boar bristle brush and start brushing my hair more.  All the info I’ve read said that people found that brushing the sebum (the oil your scalp produces) down to the ends really helps long time WO users.  I’ve never used a “hair” (like the boar bristle) type of brush before, so that will be interesting.  My mom had one, but on her curly hair it just made it frizzy, so I think I always expected it to do the same on me so I never tried it.
I’m so glad I tried going without the ACV.  It seems that it really dried my hair out.  I can’t get over how soft my hair is!  I keep playing with it because it’s so soft.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt hair so soft, let alone mine!  It probably also helps that once it was mostly dried I put it up in a bun for the night.  I think I might do that from now on.

I can’t resist, I just have to say it:   One small step for Water Only, one giant leap for my hair!

I am such a dork.

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Posted by on July 10, 2008 in Water Only Hair


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