Water Only – Week 9

14 Jul

Routine:   Just massaged my hair around under the water.  Used nothing else.

Results:   My hair didn’t feel as waxy in (or out) of the shower, but it does feel really greasy.  The length of my hair seems ok, but the top part of my hair is really greasy.
I’m wearing my hair in a half-up today.

Next:   I’m thinking I want to do another water wash on wednesday and see what my hair is like.  If it is ok, then I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, but if it is as greasy as it is today, I’m going to have to start playing with an herb rinse to get it under control.  I was thinking I would start with Lavender, but if it’s still really greasy I think I’ll start with Rosemary (which is supposed to help with grease in the hair, and on the face).

Comments:   My mom told me yesterday that she didn’t like what WO was doing for my hair.  I explained to her that I haven’t gotten a good routine down yet, and that sometimes it takes a while to find out what your hair needs.  That didn’t seem to make sense to her.  Sometimes (but not always) she can be an “instant gratification” type of person.  The idea of “experimenting” with things for your hair is to weird for her to even think about (she is a “shampoo and conditioner only” type).  If it doesn’t work right away, in her mind, it will never work.
I think that ACV was really not good for my hair.  I think that it was stripping my hair almost like shampooing would.  I’m wondering if maybe I’m still over-producing sebum (your natural oil) because of it.  I think I might have to go another 4 weeks to find out for sure.  It could be my hair will always be greasy with WO.  In that case, I don’t think that it will work for me.  But I’ll just have to wait and see.  Some people reported “greasy” hair for the first 6 months, then it changed into much better hair.

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