if we weren’t exhausted, we’d be happy

15 Jul

My grandpa is doing better.  He’s still really sick, but he is improving.  Yesterday they took out the breathing tube, and put in a trake (the tube through the throat).  That will allow him to eat (soft foods) and talk, but still have the assistance of the breathing machine.  They actually had him off the vent for a few days, but he got scared thinking that he wouldn’t be able to breathe, and caused his numbers to go haywire, so they had to put it back in.

I’ve spent the last two weekends down there with him.  And I’m going back down this weekend too.  I haven’t been sleeping well to begin with, and I only get about 6 hours when I sleep at my mom’s, so I’m really tired.  My whole family is tired.  My mom is at the hospital from noon till 10pm, sometimes midnight.  Then she wakes up to call the night nurse before she gets off (at 7am) so she’s up by 6:30 most days.

They have divided the day into “shifts” if you want to call it that.  My grandma gets there about 7am and stays till 3 or 4pm.  My uncle comes in at 9 or 10am and stays till between 6 and 8pm.  And my mom is 12-10pm.  They are thinking about changing that, since my uncle and my mom need to get back to work.  I think my uncle will come in the morning, and work in the afternoon; and my mom will work in the morning, and come in in the afternoon/evening.

The good thing to come from all of this is that my mom and my uncle have gotten really close.  They haven’t spoken much of the last 20-odd years, but now they are really talking about the important stuff.  They are making decisions together, and that’s a really good thing.  My mother (half jokingly) says that she now talks to him more in a single day then in the last 30 years combined.  I think we might not even have to have “separate” holidays with my grandparents.  I think we might be able to have everyone together.  That will be really nice.  I haven’t had that in quite a while.  I had that with my dad’s family, but after my grandpa died when I was 9, and then my dad died two years later, that all kind of fell apart.  Right around the same time we got back in touch with my grandparents (my mom’s parents) and we started having holiday time with them, but never with my uncle’s family included.  Part of that was my grandmother’s doing, but that’s another story.

So there’s an update.  Keep your fingers crossed that he continues to do well!

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