hump day

16 Jul

So today is hump day.  The middle of the work week.

I normally don’t “celebrate” hump day.  I really don’t care.  I do the same work no matter if it’s monday or friday, or anywhere in between.  But, because I can’t wait to see Puffin on saturday, I want this week to be over.  Now.

Do you ever have that feeling where time seems to be flying by, but the long term stuff still seems so far away?  It feels like my days are just running away from me, but saturday still seems like it is AGES away.  It should be much closer by now, shouldn’t it?

I guess it will get here when it gets here.  I can’t make time move faster, so I guess I’ll just have to be patient.


On another note:
We had a little family crisis last night.  My cousin (I’ll call him “D“) has been staying with my grandparents for the past several months because he had no where else to go.  But over that time little things have been happening.  Like he doesn’t do things he promised to do (but claimshe did), he claims he doesn’t drink but comes home drunk, things are missing (including my grandmother’s checkbook [which she swears she just misplaced])….

While my grandpa has been in the hospital my grandma has asked him to do a couple things for her.  Nothing major, just stuff like doing his own laundry and taking the garbage out.  They have a very steep driveway (when cars come in they are at such an angle that the muffler hits the pavement) and grandma isn’t strong enough to carry the pails down that seep angle.  He’s been doing it for several weeks, but this week he refused.  He made my grandma do it.  He couldn’t drag his 28-year-old physically healthy butt out of the house for 5 freaking minutes to do that for her.

My grandma is always making excuses for him.  “He’s had such a hard life” or “He can’t help that he has emotional problems because every one has abandoned him”.  B.S.  Plain and simple.  My mother had a very rough childhood, but she turned out just fine.  But that’s because she looked at her life and decided that she didn’t want to live the rest of her life that way, and changed it.  It wasn’t easy, but she made up her mind, and she made a better life for herself.  She put herself through collage, she got a decent job, she had a family.  She changed because she wanted to.  D has no desire to change his life, and if everything isn’t given to him on a silver plater he complains that no one loves him.

I don’t know exactly what happened last night, but my grandma called saying that she and D got into a big fight, and that she was scared of him.  My mom and uncle rushed over there to see what was going on.  Eventually the police were called and he was thrown from the house and driven to the city limits.  He was told that he couldn’t come back unless he was accompanied by police officers.

I’m sad it came to this.  I don’t want him to feel like the rest of his family has abandoned him.  He’s made suicide attempts before.  I don’t want that to happen again.  But he needs to get his act together.  He’s 28 years old.  He should be able to get a job and do things for himself.  He’s to old for people to be taking care of him.  My mom and uncle were talking about having him committed to some mental health place.  I think it’s to late for that now.  I think they are beyond that.

The good thing about this is that it seems my grandma is no longer making excuses for him.  She seems to finally see that he can’t be helped unless he wants to change.

Show of hands, who thinks my family is weird?        *puts up hand*

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