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17 Jul

I got a call from my greyhound adoption rep Cindy last night.  She told me that the dogs at the kennel have kennel cough.  So no dogs are allowed in or out.  They have to keep them quarantined for 2 weeks after the last dog coughs.  So sometimes they are only quarantined for 3 weeks, sometimes it’s 6 weeks.  One time it was 6 months!  Hopefully it won’t be that long.

So I can still go to the kennel to “officially” meet Puffin and walk the other dogs, but she can’t go into a foster home until the quarantine is lifted.

Cindy also told me about another dog Erin, who is a three year old red brindle female.  From what Cindy told me about her, she seems like she could be a good dog for me.  I’m calling her foster mom tonight, so I’ll get more info then.

Cindy said that her big plan is that I’ll go to the kennel, have my “meeting” with Puffin, and then follow Erin’s foster mom home (she is in charge of kennel day, and only lives about 15 minutes away).  If I like Erin, I could take her home with me.  But I don’t think I will, as my house is out of control from spending my weekends in the hospital with grandpa.  I normally do most of my cleaning on the weekends, and being that I haven’t been home for the last several weekends the cleaning hasn’t been getting done.  So I need to get that in shape before I bring a dog home.  I clean well under pressure, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  I have next friday (the 25th) off, so if I like her I might try to work out getting her on thusday night, then I’ll have three whole days home with her before I have to go back to work.

So now I’m kind of up in the air again.  If I’m sure Puffin is for me, then I’ll just have to wait until the quarantine is lifted, however long that is.  But if I like Erin, I could have a dog in a week.  I guess I won’t know until saturday.  I don’t like not knowing.  I like having everything all planed out…..

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