update on my talk with Erin’s foster mom

18 Jul

So I talked to Erin’s foster mom for about 45 minutes last night.  She had nothing but good things to say about her.  She said that she is an absolute dream.  Apparently she doesn’t have any bad habits.  But that could be love talking….  It is obvious that she is deeply in love with her, but they are already at their legal limit of 3 dogs (they are allowed to have a fourth as long as it’s just a foster).

FM (foster mom) said Erin likes to follow people around the house (just because she wants to be where you are, not because she’s clingy), but if you tell her to go lay down, she will.  She has a sassy side.  She likes to toss her stuffiesinto the air and pounce on them.  FM said she is incredibly obedient.  You only have to tell her something once.  FM said that one of her dogs is always slow to eat, and one day Erin went sniffing at that bowl.  All FM had to do was tell her NO.  The next day she stood there looking longingly at the bowl (from several feet away), but with a quick reminder that the food in that bowl wasn’t hers, she left it alone and hasn’t tried to eat it since.
That sounds alot like my cat Sebastian.  You only have to tell him something once.  Only sometimes does he need a reminder.

She’s incredibly smart.  She loves car rides, but once she’s in there she just lays down and watches the world pass by.  She walks nicely.  She doesn’t mind thunderstorms or fireworks.  She doesn’t go in the garbage.  She doesn’t steal anything off the kitchen counter.  She doesn’t bark.  She goes into her crate when told, and doesn’t wine

The reason Erin was retired was a broken hock (what we think of as their knee).  She had to have a plate and several screws put in, but now she is all healed up.  Some dogs never have the plate and screws taken out, but sometimes they do, it all depends on the dog.

I’m interested to meet her tomorrow (OMGit’s TOMORROW!).  I kind of wish I could see her before Puffin, but I’ll just have to really take my time with both of them.  I have a feeling that once I meet Erin I will immediately know if she’s for me or not (compared to Puffin at least).

Oh, this is interesting:  Erin’s birthday is April 7th, and her last race was April 20th.  My birthday, and my grandpa’s birthday is in April.  As is my cat Sebastian, my first cat Samantha, and my mom’s cat Mandy (who was mine in the beginning).  I like the confluence of that.  You can’t look at all of that and tell me that it is all coincidence.  None of it was on purpose either.  I was born 3 weeks overdue (so I wasn’t supposed to be in the same month as my grandpa), the only reason we got Samantha was because the neighbour couldn’t catch her, Mandy was a stray that our cat Shadow brought home, and when I adopted Sebastian I thought he was only 10-12 weeks old, only to find out later that he was five months old, making him an April birth.
I just can’t seem to get away from April birthdays!

IF (and I can’t use the word “if” enough) I do like Erin, I think it’s pretty obvious that she was meant for me.  But I don’t want the idea of a April birthday to cloud my feelings for her.  Like I said, I think I will know the instant I lay eyes on her if she is right or not.  If she isn’t, then it’s no big deal.  But if she is, then WOW!

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