another short night

23 Jul

My cat Sebastian caught another mouse this morning.
I wonder if mice are really active at 4:30-5:00 in the morning?  That or maybe Sebastian is active around that time?  He normally either catches them at night (after dark, but before I go to bed), or right about 5am.

It was another young one so I, yet again, woke up to that wonderful high pitched squeaking noise (more of a screeching really).

Sebastian has this habit, when he gets tired of chasing the mouse he will lay on top of them.  It normally works really well, but this morning he didn’t notice that when he put the mouse down it scurried away before he actually laid down on it.  So I’m telling him to get it, and he’s looking at me like I’m crazy (“mom, I already have it!”).  Until I actually pick him up and he finds out that there is no mouse under him.  He started frantically looking around the living room (I don’t know why he insists on bringing them into the living room, there is so much stuff for them to run under!).  So he’s crying and pacing around trying to find it.  Well I had seen where it went, so I started moving the stuff in front of that.  Thankfully if I ask Sebastian to come over by me and look, he will.  So I told him I found the mousie and he glued himself to my side.  I finally got back to where the mouse was, but I think it was so scared that it didn’t move.  Until I accidentally dropped something, and then it went off running.  Thankfully (again!) Sebastian quickly dove after it, and with seconds he had cought it.  I swear that cat is one awesome mouser!  And he is fully declawed too!

So then I picked it up and went to go throw it (more like place it down gently) outside.  But Sebastian didn’t see me pick it up, so he started searching for it again.  I had to actually show him that I had the mouse.  Well then he wanted to follow me to the door (he normally keeps clear of the outside doors).  So I grabbed his collar and opened the door (that’s actually hard to do when you have a mouse in one hand, and are bent over holding a cat’s collar in the other) and placed the mouse outside.  Now most mice will run as soon as their little feet hit the ground, but this one just laid there.  So I let Sebastian stay there and watch him for a few seconds.  But then, when the mouse still was just laying there, I pulled Sebasitan back and closed the door.

Now, of course, I am fully awake and don’t feel like going back to sleep.  So I stayed up and read again.  I like how much reading I’m getting done, but I would much prefer to get that extra hour and a half of sleep.

It looks like this day is going to be FUN!!!!!!!!!

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