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23 Jul

I’m having cable internet installed this friday!  After deciding that I was frustrated with dial-up, I made the appointment to have it installed.

I have a laptop, so I can’t just hook up the cable to it.  So I had to go out and purchase a wireless router/modem.  Then I realized that I also needed an adaptor to plug into the laptop (mine doesn’t have one included), so I had to order that too.

I already knew this, but wireless networks and cordless phones (home phones, not cell phones!) run on the same frequency.  Well not all phones, just the ones that are 2.4GHz (which mine was).  Older phones below that and newer phones above that GHz range would be fine.
So I ordered a new phone system as well.  I chose this one.  I was planning on upgrading my system anyway, getting the cable internet just pushed me do it now.  I already had a multi phone system, but mine was only two handsets.  This one has four!  I decided that since I’m having cable phone installed as well (my cable company gives you a big price cut if you have all three) it would make it easier to have just one line to the answering machine.  Now I’ll be able to have the answering machine/handset in the dining room, and a handset base in the living room, kitchen, and my bedroom!
The really cool feature about this system is that the phonebook is global!  If you enter in a number in one phone it transmits it to all of them.  No more going back and forth adding the info to both phones.  That would be a real nightmare with four of them!
You can also check the answering machine messages from any phone!  I don’t know how much I’ll use this feature, being that the only time my phone actually goes to the machine is when I’m not home, and the machine on the table that I put my purse, so I just check it right when I get home.  But it’s still a really cool feature!

So: $100 for the wirless router/modem
$30 for the adapter for the laptop
$100 for the phone system
Faster internet: Priceless!
(I couldn’t resist!)
*My name is WillowMoon, and I am a dork….*

I have the day off on friday so they can install it, and so that I can spend the rest of the day playing!
I’ll let you know how it goes!

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