Water Only – Last Report

28 Jul

I’ve decided that Water Only isn’t for me.  I’m tired of my hair looking terrible and feeling worse.  I’m going to shampoo my hair really well, and then I’ll try Conditioner Only.  I might need to use shampoo for a while to get all of the grease off my hair, but after that I’ll start a Conditioner Only test.

I know my hair didn’t really like shampoo, so Conditioner Only (CO) seems like it could be a good step.  I might use an herb rinse as well.  When I go shopping I’ll get a good conditioner to get this started.  With CO you use a lot of it.

So starting next week I’ll no longer be doing Water Only posts, but I will be doing Conditioner Only reports instead.

I wouldn’t trade my time doing WO, but I’m glad it’s over.  I think I would never get to the balanced point, and I don’t want to live the rest of my life with hair that is terrible.  I look forward to having nice hair again.


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