a little on dragon cave

29 Jul

I’ve been thinking about Dragon Cave alot lately.

There was a site update a week or so ago.  Cool new things like a navigation bar, customizable sort for your scroll, being able to see the lineage of your dragons (even if they were bred by someone else), and best of all: multiple eggs from breeding.  You can only keep one of the eggs (you can get up to four), but it makes it easier if you are trying to get a rare egg.  Like this week I bred my Silver female (Pippin Grey) to my Grey male (Rangi) and got 3 eggs: 2 grey and 1 silver.  So I of course kept the silver.  😀

My breeding is somewhat frusterating though.  Being that I’m looking for one of each gender for the breeds (only from breeding, no adopting) that means alot of growing the babies up, only to have them be the wrong gender (the one I already have), and then I abandon them and try again.
I’m also trying to get the most variety from my breedings.  Like I already have a set of Green and Red dragons, so I wouldn’t breed those two together (because the result could only be a green or red).  I would instead pair them to a breed that I don’t have a set of yet (like a stone or plant).  That means I have a better chance at getting an egg I need, and not getting an egg I don’t want.

I also was able to snag another Paper.  Being that they can’t breed, the only way to get them is to steel an egg.  I hope that this one is a female.  That way Cepheus can have a “mate” (even if they can’t breed).  I might keep it even if it isn’t female.  I really don’t want to break my “only one of each breed” thing, but papers are so rare I might.

My next plan is to get two of each gender for each dragon.  It will take a while to get a set of all of them, so that will be far in the future.

And it seems like they will be releasing more new dragons.  TJ (the owner) said that he will try to release a new breed on a regular basis.  He didn’t say (or I don’t remember) how regular that will be, but new breeds mean more breeding to get a set.  And I’m all for that.

I know I haven’t posted about DC in a while, and I didn’t wan’t you to think I had lost interest!

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