CSA – Community Supported Agriculture

30 Jul

My work tends to have magazines in the bathroom stalls for people to read.  I normally don’t bother, but occasionally I’ll take a peak at one if I see something interesting on the cover.

For the last week there has been a local magazine in there (talking about local stores, events and stuff).  I never took the time to look at it, but I did today, and boy am I glad I did.

There was an article about a local CSA (that’s Community Supported Agriculture) called Good Earth Farm and talked about what they do.  Basically it is a family that decided to farm 5 acres of their land and sell the produce to a group of “members”.  They do all the work, and you just pick up your box of veggies and stuff once a week during the summer.  And you have natural, locally grown, fresh food.  You pay a certin amount once a year, it works out to about $20 per box in this case.  That’s a little steep, but it does contain a lot of food.

Now this is not like a farmer’s market.  A farmer’s market is where people come with stuff they have grown and you just pick what you want (like a grocery store).  In a CSA (or at least this one) you get a box of food that was picked that week.  You don’t get to choose what is in it, but it contains whatever they happen to be able to pick.

I think this is a really cool idea.  I’m thinking I might join in next year.  I don’t like everything on their product list, but it would be a cool way to try things I’m wouldn’t necessarily pick up in a store (or that my store doesn’t have).

If this sounds intesting to you, check to see if there is a local CSA in your area.

Here are some good links: 
This Wikipedia Page has a good description.
This is a List of CSA’s by state.  May not be complete.

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