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I got one!

I got the new dragon!

I stayed up till after midnight to try to catch one last night, but no luck.  I decided to go to bed, and I woke up about 10 minutes before the 7:00am drop.  So rather then roll over and try to go back to sleep, I got up and got ready for another marathon session to grab the egg.

At 6:59 I started refreshing and the first page that had eggs had 1 guardian on it (it might have been 2, but once I saw one I didn’t really pay attention to the other eggs) I clicked it fully expecting that I would miss it again.  But the screen came back with the page “you have stolen an egg”!  So after hours of sitting there last night refreshing at every drop I got a guardian with in seconds this morning.

So now I felt like my whole day was free!  I was thinking that I would have to stay glued to the computer (which I’ve now ended up doing anyway) just to try to snag one.  I thought I might even have to try again tomorrow.  But thankfully I don’t have to do that.

Good luck to those that still are trying, and Congratulations to those that have one!

If you want to see my guardian you can hop on over to my Dragon Cave page.

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I’m so excited!

TJ (the owner of Dragon Cave) has several new dragons on his scroll!

One pair is going to be a new breed (TJ always has one adult and one frozen hatchling on his scroll).  It’s one that I really like, so that makes me VERY happy.

And the other three are Black hatchlings, but nobody knows why there are three.  Two of them are the same, while the third one is different.  Two are already frozen (one of each style), and both frozen ones are male, so it isn’t a new male/female alternative.  Several people (on the DC forums) have suggested that they may be different hatchlings that end up as the same adult.  I hope that’s not the case, as I don’t freeze hatchlings, so that wouldn’t help me much.

I’m so excited to get more dragons!  I think TJ timed this release to coincide with the holiday weekend.  It’s quite a good way to make sure that people stay glued to his site instead of going and doing other things.  I can just imagine the potential argument:  “We promised so and so that we’d spend time with them this weekend”,  “But I need to stay and watch the cave!  I might miss when TJ releases them!”…..

For those of you that want to look TJ’s scroll is here:
But don’t refresh it too much.  We don’t want to kill them!

So if I don’t post much in the next couple days you can bet it’s because I’m out stalking the cave to try to snag the new dragon.  😀

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Valenth Pets

Valenth is a site similar to Dragon Cave, in that you adopt an egg and it grows when people click it.

Valenth is a little different in that the pets (for lack of a better term) need to be actually clicked on to grow.  On DC you don’t even really need the dragons to be clicked, it’s the views and unique views that matter the most.  But with Valenth the pets need to be “fed” to grow, and each click gives them food, so you really do need people to click them rather then just view them.  But unlike DC you don’t have a time limit.  On DC you only have 7 days to get them to the next stage, but (from what I understand) on Valenth it doesn’t matter how long it takes you.  It can take you 2 days, or it can take you 2 years.

They don’t have that many breeds, but each breed can become three different adults based on what you feed it, so that adds up to a bunch!  I have my pets set up so that you can only feed them what I want, so I know what they will become.  I like control to much to not do that!

I’ve seen several people on Gaia have them, so after months of telling myself that I really don’t need anything else to waste my time, I gave in and decided to get some.  😛
I’m going to try to limit myself so that I only get new pets after the previous ones have gotten to the next stage.  But that might not happen……


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some more EbN adjustments/additions

Last night I changed around some of the pages here on EbN.

1 – I created a new page called Online Pets.  I placed Dragon Cave as a sub-page under that.

2 – I also added the page Valenth (also as a sub-page to Online Pets), which is a site similar to DC, where you adopt eggs and they grow up based on how many clicks they get.  I’m new to Valenth, but it seems pretty cool.

3 – I changed the names of three pages:  Pictures, which used to be My Pictures, and I also changed it to be a sub-page under About Me;  DC Images, which used to be Dragon Cave 2, and is still a sub-page under DC;  and My Store, which used to be Zazzle Items (still has the same stuff, just a different name).

These changes are just to make the site a little easier to get around, and now that I have the site navigation on the top of the page I need to keep the “base pages” to a small number to keep it clean looking.

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Conditioner Only – Week 4 – part 2

Routine:   Applied ‘dish to my dry hair for about an hour, then I got in the shower and rinsed it out.  No second application.

Results:   My hair seems to be getting drier and drier the longer I use the Mane & Tail ‘dish.  It seems like if I leave my hair up all the time it’s fine, but I like having my hair down, so I dont’ want to have to wear it up all the time just to keep it looking (and feeling) nice.

Comments:   I don’t think the M&T works for me.  My hair is dry and I’m getting lots of split ends.  I think I’ll switch to the Pantene for a while.  I still have some of that left, so it is a simple switch.

On another note:   I’ve decided after months of not coloring my hair that I’d like to color it again.  I’m naturally a dark dishwater blond, and I normally color it to an ash/champaign blond, which isn’t that much of a difference, but it’s enough.  I normally use Loreal’s Preferance (#8A), but this time I’m going to try the Loreal Color Match.  It seems like it will give more like what I’m looking for.
So on monday I’ll wash my hair with Baking Soda (I think that is much gentler then shampoo) and then color it.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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in case you haven’t noticed…..

I’ve changed themes on the blog today!

I was getting board with my old theme.  While I really liked it, it just didn’t seem to fit anymore.  I also wanted something that had a wider column for the posts.  That way the posts won’t seem quite so long.  Well they’ll still be long, cause lets face it, most of my post could be classified as a short story…. 😛

After weeks of looking at all the themes I kept coming back to this one.  While I’m not crazy about the flowers on the top of the screen, I love the rest of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers (and being that the blog is named Elemental by NATURE, it sure fits), but those flowers look kind of fake.  To bad I can’t customize it.  But I’ve come to realize that no theme is perfect, so you just have to take the one that you like the best and has the least amount of “defects”.

I also added two new widgets (the stuff in the column on the left –>>).
They are the Top Posts widget, which tells you the most viewed posts, and is located below the Tags widget;  the second one is the Blog Stats widget, which tells you how many views this blog has received (since it opened on 5.1.08), and is on the very bottom below the Archive widget.
Another feature of this theme is the RSS feed links at the very bottom of the page.

So I hope you like the change.  It makes this place feel more like home to me…..

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my pentacle project is done…I think

I’ve been working on creating a pentacle picture that has the same images as my Wheel of Being.  I have spent the last couple days working on that and I think it’s done.  My perfectionist nature is always wanting it just a slight bit better, but for the most part it is completed.

Here it is:


I’m not sure I like the dark grey for the background, but other then that I’m really happy with it.  I love the way the pieces fit together in the center.  It took a while to find a good picture for spirit (the amethyst on top).  There isn’t a lot of good pictures of a close up of amethyst.  But other then that the process went smoothly.


For comparison here is the Wheel of Being.  The WoB is still my favorite, and I think it always will be.

Wheel of Being

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