technically CO, but not officially

01 Aug

I washed my hair with Conditioner Only this morning.  I don’t want to concider this “CO” quite yet though because I want to shampoo (or baking soda) my hair one last time.  So I’ll do that on Sunday, and count that as CO day one.

Another reason I don’t want to count this as CO is that I’m using a different ‘dish (I’ll use this abreviation, it’s so much easier to write!) then I’ll use during CO.  Right now I’m using Pantene Texturizing ‘dish, which has cones in it (read about cones here).  I’m going to try to go cone-free during CO.  I love my Pantene, but I want to try cone-free, just to see what it’s like.
I went shopping last night and bought two “cone-free” conditioners:  Suave Professionals Humectant “moisturizing” conditioner;  and Mane and Tail conditioner (ment for horses, but good for people too!).
I think I’ll try the suave first, then if I don’t like that (or once I run out) I’ll try the Mane and Tail.  If it turns out that my hair doesn’t do well on cone-free I’ll just switch back to Pantene, or something else that has cones in it, but is a little cheeper.  😀  I might end up using a cheep (or cone-free) ‘dish for my “long soak” and then use something more expensive as my second “quick” one.

Here’s what I did this morning:

Routine:   I put loads of ‘dish on my DRY hair.  I did this before getting in the shower, so my hair was bone dry.  I then left that on for about a half an hour while I did some other “morning” stuff (packed my lunch, laid out my clothes…).  Then I jumped into the shower and rinsed that off really well.  Then I put another load of ‘dish on my hair (not as much as the first one), only left that on for a minute or two, and then rinsed that off.

Results:   Wonderful, super soft, shiny hair!  My hair feels like silk!  Better then silk actually.  I don’t know how to put into words how my hair feels.  It’s almost like it’s made of water, even though it is totally dry.  But it has that “fluid” quality that water has.  Almost like when you put dish soap in your dish water, which gives the water that softer quality (almost oily, but in a good way!).  That’s how my hair feels.  It’s wonderful!

Next:   As I said above I’ll use the Suave Humectant ‘dish on sunday after I do a light shampoo.

So look for Conditioner Only reports starting monday!

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