Conditioner Only – Week 1

04 Aug

Routine:   I placed a large amount of my Suave conditioner on my dry hair.  I left that on for an hour (I only planned a half an hour, but oh well)  Then rinsed that out, and did my second application that I pretty much just applied it and rinsed it out right away.

Results:   pretty nice hair!  It’s not as nice as when I used the Pantene.  With Pantene my hair was silky and smooth, but with this Suave my hair is soft and a little fly-away.  It’s not shiny like it was with the Pantene.  But it is much “lighter” feeling with the Suave  (I’m not sure if that’s good or bad yet).

Next:   I’ll do the same routine on wednesday night, so expect another report on thursday (like normal).

Comments:   While my hair is soft, it isn’t really “great”.  There is nothing wrong with it, but my hair was definitely much better with the Pantene.  I hope that the Suave gets better, and not worse.  If it gets worse I’ll have to use a different brand.  I’m sure going through a lot of it!  I hope the Suave works, because it’s the cheapest!  I think I used about 1-2 cups for the first “soak” application, and another 1/2 cup for the second one.  I’ll sure go through this bottle quick!  I’m glad I got the big one (28oz I think) and not the small container.  I would have only had like two applications with the small!

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Posted by on August 4, 2008 in Conditioner Only Hair


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