where to get views for your dragons

10 Aug

I’ve noticed that most of the people that come here are looking at the dragon cave posts and pages, so I thought I would pass along these links for those people that are having trouble getting enough views on their eggs!

These are all on Gaia Online, which is free and quite cool.

The best place to help your dragons is the Dragon Cave Guild.  It is free to view and post, and free to become a member if you choose.  There are lots of threads about dragon related things, and it is a fun place to keep up with dragon news.
They also have some pages inside the guild forum that I keep the direct links to, so that I don’t have to keep looking them up every time: 
The Egg Sanctuary;  which is a place that you can post your dragons (you only post them once!) and the mods place your codes on the front page and every time that page loads you get views.  The mods simply remove them once they become adults.  It gives lots of views, and is EXTREMELY helpful. Please read all of the rules listed on the front page.  They seem like a lot at first, but once you know them they are pretty easy.
The Egg Spam Thread;  this is where you can post the codes for your dragons as many times as you want.  Some people also chat about their dragons here, but it gets a lot of posts, so sometimes conversations are hard to follow.
The Emergency Egg Thread;  this is where you can post your dragons that have under 2 days left.  Some of the regulars there then take your dragons and post them with their own eggs.  The result is more views then you might be able to get yourself.  Again, follow the rules.

Here are some other places for you to post your dragons outside of the guild:
DragCave ClickiesDragon Cave Eggs – Bump ContestDragon Cave V.2Dragon Click and Bumpathon! – Get to 500 pages!Dragon Click ExchangeDragons BumpHere Be The Dragons – And Cities?Please Help These Dragons Grow Up.

These are links to “bump” threads that are dragon friendly (not all on gaia are) and welcome your posts.  Just be sure to read the first post as some have rules!  And please include the word “bump” in your post for these.
Bump, Bump RevolutionBump to Infinity and Beyond, At Least 5000 PagesGold Bump,   MPT Let’s Get This Thread to a Million PagesThe Comment Bump ThreadThe Main Bump Page of Gaia – Bump Forever.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE RULES FOR EACH THREAD!!!!  Most rules are quite simple, and it’s only fair to follow the wishes of the creators of these threads.
And also place your scroll (and your dragons if you wish) in your signature!  Then people can view your whole scroll as well as the dragons you post.

I have two folders in my favorites marked “Egg Spam – Dragons” and “Egg Spam – Bump” for these (I keep them separate so that I remember to place the word “bump” in the non-dragon ones).  If you have the latest version of Internet Explorer (the one with the tabs) when you hover over a folder (or a link) in your favorites it has an arrow on the right side of that line.  If you press that arrow it will open all the links in that folder at one time (all in different tabs).  Only do this if you have a fast internet connection though, otherwise you might kill your computer!

I visit these links every day (when I have eggs/hatchlings), so you’ll probably see me around.  I’m Elemental By Nature so feel free to give me a shout if you see me….

Hope that helps everyone!  Good Luck!


ETA  (8.28.08)
Don’t be afraid to put your dragons in the links that don’t have many posts.  The only way to get more posts (which then means more views & clicks) is to get more people involved.  So post away, even if you end up putting your dragons several times on the same page.  Views are views!  It doesn’t matter if they are on 1 page or if they have 20 pages between them.

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One response to “where to get views for your dragons

  1. Sea

    September 12, 2008 at 9:22 am

    Just a note to add to the above. Pet’s Galore is a new Fan Site not just for Dragon Cave but for Valenth and any other virtual pets you love.
    Along with the normal clicks for clicks type leveling we have nursery’s to list your pets in for one stop viewing/clicking. Lairs & Beds (blogs) for pet owners to showcase thier pets. Special graphics for sigs, avatars etc…


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