Conditioner Only – Week 2

11 Aug

Routine:   Put a large amount of ‘dish on my hair for 45 minutes, then jumped in the shower and rinsed it out and did another application.  I massaged that application around for a minute or two, then rinsed that out.

Results:   The bulk of my hair is pretty soft, but the ends are still dry.  I think they are getting dryer every time I use this ‘dish.

Comments:   My hair got really greasy after last wednesday’s wash.  It looked good for a day, ok the next day, and TERRIBLE the third day.  And I know from the WO experience that as much as I try I don’t end up taking 3 showers a week, so that’s not an option.
So between the dry ends and the grease I don’t think that this ‘dish agrees with me.  I think I’ll give it one more try, but if it gets greasy again, then I’ll have to switch to another ‘dish.

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Posted by on August 11, 2008 in Conditioner Only Hair


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