Conditioner Only – Week 3 – part 2

21 Aug

Routine:   Put a bunch of Mane & Tail (M&T) on my hair, left it on for an hour, then rinsed it out.  Applied a second application and rinsed that out.

Results:   Really soft, silky hair!  My hair is a slight (and I do mean slight) bit fly-away but it’s not that bad.  My hair still doesn’t have the shine and slippage it had using Pantene, but that’s ok.

Comments:   I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t do that second application of M&T.  My hair felt super smooth when I rinsed the first one out, but when I went to rinse out the second one I think it felt different.  So on Sunday I might try just rinsing out the first one and be done.  If I don’t need to do a second application then I will use less ‘dish and take a really quick shower!  I’m used to my hair stuff taking the most time in the shower, but if I end up just rinsing the ‘dish out that will mean a whole lot less time in the shower!

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Posted by on August 21, 2008 in Conditioner Only Hair


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